Casey Reas, co-creator (with Ben Fry) of the elegant Processing coding environment so beloved now by artists, talks to our friends at The Creators Project in a recent video. Processing may be best known as only a tool, but it’s also become an open source conduit for ideas in aesthetics and digital art. Casey’s impact on its design is profound: the way the tool works, the way the code editor works, and even code examples are all partly his contributions (along with other collaborating artists). And when some of his personal work is a showcase for the tool, that’s doubly true. It seems to me akin to the development of artistic media at some of the peaks of technique – take, for instance, key moments in the evolution of painting. Tools and techniques, aesthetics, culture, and output are shared by practitioners all at once.

Casey also says something really beautiful about using color values in the way that you’d use sound in film, underlying emotion.

It’s a much-watch video, and Casey, I hope we get to talk a bit soon, as well.

  • man, gorgeous images. as usual, i'm going to try again with processing. i don't seem to be much good with this environment (this will be try #4) but those images are just too gorgeous to not at least give it another shot….i'll call all y'all in 5 years and let you know how it goes.

  • maybe it is a must-watch video but cant autoplay be turned off. Scared the shit out of me twice

  • Peter Kirn

    Watch for my upcoming post, "Autoplay is Never, Ever the Answer."

    I can't believe they have that in the embed … turned it off myself.

  • ah! great video! thanks 
    modell 5 is from granularsynthesis by "Kurt Hentschlaeger und Ulf Langheinrich"

  • Franz

    If you want to get into processing and feel more comftable with a book (As I do), I can recommend daniel shiffmans books.

  • buffer

    Why would they put Modell 5 by Granular Synthesis on there? They use they own software called Varp9…….

    Seems odd?

  • ww

    really hard to watch the entire video in China, very slowly buffering…very very slowly

  • ww

    Some of the books at 4'10" in the video I have never seen before, anyone can help me list their names? Thanks in advance.