Following yesterday’s interview with Kyle McDonald on FaceOSC, his custom webcam + tracking application that can make music with your face, here’s another face-controlled music demo. This one uses Ableton Live for jamming. I should add, since I somewhat obscured the fact, that this isn’t Kinect: it works entirely with a built-in webcam, which means it’s completely free to try and you don’t have to tote any extra hardware, so long as you have a laptop with a built-in cam. More on this technology as we watch it evolve…

  • I think it is safe to say that we can now do everything that was ever possible! lol

  • lol, great idea.  Fun stuff.

    But I have to say.  That guy doesn't look ridiculous AT ALL.  

  • Bono Ono

    uh oh, how much do I hate beat repeat already. been doing this same thing now for three years with a wiimote. help me get out of here, please!!!!

  • this one can also track tongue:

  • Muz

    Cool, but really? what could you use this for??? people want to see something special that involves skill and mastery of an instrument or piece of equipment, not pulling faces like an arse and making everything sound crap!!! lets make and perform music not faff about with nonsense!!

  • Mario Liberti

    this video is great! im trying to use ableton with FaceOSC but i dont know how to hook them up, can u help with the setting to control ableton with FaceOSC?? thanx in advance!

  • JW Produções

    That’s awesome!!!