A merry band of complementary filmmakers, photographers, and musicians, a curated ensemble perfectly fitted to the landscape, are heading to remote Iceland to make images and a musical soundtrack inspired by the landscape and its people.

Photographers Tim Navis + Kim Høltermand and film collective Scenic are heading up the visual component, while composer and electronic producer Deru has assembled the musicians. Improvisation is intended to be a guiding force, say the creators. With the assistance of a community organized on Kickstarter, it’ll also be crowd-funded. In addition to the obligatory, pretty photo book and prints and boxed set of music, they also propose to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of the process, which crosses from the LA area to Danish architect-descended photographer Høltermand.

For fans of richly-sonic, thoughtfully-composed and designed electronic music, the music lineup looks fantastic. Aside from Deru, you get:

Shigeto (Ghostly International)
Loscil (Kranky)
Goldmund (Unseen)
Asura (NonProjects / Leaving Records)
Tycho (ISO50 / Ghostly International)
Joby Talbot
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Take (Alpha Pup)
Thomas Knak/Opiate (Co-Producer of Björk’s Vespertine)

Other artists are TBD.

But don’t listen to me; go grab Deru’s fantastic first single. [direct download link]

  • Man I hope one day I can embark on an amazing journey like this. 

  • iwaiwa

    oooh. what are all those knobs in the rack (in the video) ? looks interesting. is it a synth? thanks 🙂

  • @iwaiwa – looks like a Cwejman S1 –

  • fforet

    anyone know who did the track in the trailer video?
    sounds amazing and fits perfectly to the visuals.

  • fforet

    ok, forget. commented before listening to the zip-file.
    it's great anyway

  • Microwave Prince

    45k $ keep dreeming…….

  • iwaiwa

    @Nick – Yup, it does appear to be the Cwejman S1. Thanks for the info Nick !

  • Hey Everyone,
    Deru here.

    Thanks for all the interest! We've been doing well thus far but pledges have fallen off during the last couple of days so if any of those products seem like something you'd like to have please think about pledging! The project won't happen if we don't meet our goals (unfortunately).

    @fforet – I made the music for the trailer. You can download if for free from the Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scenic/outlie

    @iwaiwa – it is indeed a Cwejamn S1MK2 – the thing is SOOOOOOOO sick.

    @Microwave Prince – we will 😉

    Thanks again everyone. Tally ho!

  • Come to Ireland Deru, Iceland is way to the cliched hipster destination at this stage 😉


  • Country side of Iceland, eh? Then the Westfjords must be included, otherwise it would miss out on a lot! Oh, and then I can offer my assistance in any way (tips, accommodations, tech stuff, coffee, whatever) as I live in Ísafjörður. So @Deru, feel free to contact me if the Westfjords are on the agenda, and they should be. Trust me on that one.

  • Hi everyone,

    We reached our goal about a week ago. I just want to say thanks for all your support. Much love!!

    – Deru