Analog synths, meet spacey, abstract touch controls. And Konkreet Labs Performer – the futuristic iPad controller app – meet everything else, including, for those not lucky enough to own racks of modulars, MIDI.

Twisted KP is effectively a clever helper app, taking in messages (as OSC) from the brilliant Konkreet Labs Performer iPad app and translating them into things you can use with everything else — MIDI, analog control messages, or if you’re a Reaktor user, internal Reaktor IC messages. For Reaktor geeks and analog owners, it’s a godsend, but it’ll also work as a Reaktor standalone tool if you just want to make some MIDI control magic.

You do need to own a copy of Reaktor (cough, NI, please, please find some way for these guys to distribute their stuff). And for Control Voltage, you need a DC-coupled audio inter— actually, if you own analog, you can probably go figure that bit out. If you don’t, jut marvel at the sonic goodness.

It’s a very specific rig, but here’s what’s in the video above:

Doepfer Eurorack modules: Livewire AFG, Doepfer A-105 VCF and A-188BBD and A-180 Multi

CV audio interface: Control voltage output made possible by using MOTU 828MKII interface.

Here’s another video showing how it all works:

US$9, and so long as you’ve got a copy of Reaktor, you’re good to go. Reaktor geeks should have an especially good time with this.

Insert here my normal rant about the fact that the OSC protocol implementations in software should be flexible enough that you can do this with everything, and that OSC messages should be clear enough and have a degree of standardization such that this sort of thing is possible simply by taking in incoming messages, even if you haven’t seen them before. In the meantime, though, this works now.

If this interests you, definitely don’t miss our extensive interview by Markus Schroeder, reprinted in English from the German version on
Crafting New Twisted Tools: A Chat with Reaktor Patchers Making New Sonic Instruments

  • rishabh

    Or get this:
    which happens to be free and does not require Reaktor.

  • Peter Kirn

    @rishabh: Yeah, good call — I think the advantage here is Reaktor integration and CV. And a nice interface, which could be worth $9 even just for MIDI — provided you've got Reaktor. If you don't have Reaktor, move right on.

    On the other hand, while the appeal of this particular tool is narrow, I thought the demo videos were a good example of how you could use this more generally, including with the free tool.

  • Full disclosure: I'm Josh from Twisted Tools.

    Some details that shouldn't be overlooked are the ability to save presets as Reaktor snapshot files, infinite bypass options, range/invert,scales, gate mode and note length controls. In one preset you can use nodes 1, 3, 5 and 7, sending CV, MIDI and Program messages, while in another preset you can do something totally different  using just the XY's of each node etc.

    Also worth mentioning is that the continuous messages like (x, y, etc.) send chromatic note out messages using rather than single note on/off messages. I believe this is unique to Twisted KP and adds some functionality to the original iPad app as you can play it like a harp. 

    I've been enjoying it to play chords with each node by using scales and gate mode. Great for discovering cool chord inversions etc.

  • Peter Kirn

    Absolutely, it looks utterly awesome.

    I just mean it's fairly straightforward — if you've got Reaktor, you should get the Twisted Tools solution.

    If not, you should try that free tool (or another way of converting from OSC)

    I still stand by my desire for control messages that don't require intermediaries. It might still be that an intermediary tool is useful, but with more intelligent implementation of control protocols, those tools could be *more* useful. We're still stuck with pretty dumb implementations of MIDI and OSC rather than the network-savvy futuristic HD-MIDI and updated OSC of which we're all dreaming. But that's the subject of another post…

  • Absolutely! Can't wait for OSC inside our hosts…

  • MegaTonne

    I swear to god I'm not trolling here but…

    that demo sounds like total ass. TOTAL. ass.

    It's one of those masturbatory demos that do nothing for the listener, if you want to show me it's potential please make something that sounds good, musical even ? … ya, musical.

    I don't mean pop or anything, don't get it twisted (pun), I'm into forward thinking electronic music, breakcore, wubwub, detroit techno, whatever…. just not into this fucking noise bullshit. I can do that quite easily on my own

  • Peter Kirn

    @MegaTonne – hey, let's see some user videos. (Go for it yourself, if you can!) I know there's not the same incentive as if you were selling a product, but it's, at the same time, the only way you'll get the demos you really want to see. Likewise, if you see someone else's video, fire it our way.

  • MegaTonne

    Kool, if I see someone else demoing this app with a modular, I'll be sure to forward it. if it's not masturbatory noise at least.

    for now, if that's the best demo the devs can provide, well it doesn't bode well with respect this thing being musical…even in the slightest way.

    I mean, we can all do this noise shit quite easily. I don't see the point of documenting such endeavors and uploading them to the net. In much the same way, when I have a wank I don't feel the need to go to chatroulette and make sure someone is watching.

  • MegaTonne

    and I certainly wouldn't expect those poor souls to send me some money for having seen me splooge.

    someone really needs to say 'fuck that' to all these bullshit demos.

  • Hi MegaTonne.

    First, while I respect your opinion, you have to understand that there are people out there that do like those sounds and making those types of sounds. A lot of them own modulars. And they're just that…sounds. It isn't a music demo, so don't take it as an attack on the music you like, because it isn't. Name some 'forward thinking' music you like and I bet a significant portion of it can be broken down into sounds that on their own, don't sound that different from some bits and pieces in this video. 

    Second, do you not have a modular? Perhaps you missed the point of this video then. Twisted KP is a converter that converts iPad messages from another application (Konkreet Labs Performer) to control voltage and other signals. The video clearly demonstrates it doing that. The creative part is up to you the end user…It certainly doesn't make music for you and I don't think the author suggested that. It seems that he posted this because he thought it was unique and interesting. 

    We think it is interesting too. If you don't, that's fine…

  • Peter Kirn

    @MegaTonne: Also, it's a controller. It *doesn't make any sound* — whatever sounds it makes are up to you. 

    Go make your own demo. Really. I'm not saying that to be a jerk — *go make your own demo* if there's something you want to see.

  • I've got konkreet performer and it's cool, I don't have a modular synth but I'm building one, I like freaky noises, I like synths.

    The thing I don't get about this stuff is the demo videos, I'd really love to see something that is "futuristic" or "advanced" being used in a really musical context.  Most of them are like just like freejazz on a modular……

    Don't get me wrong, that rig is rad, I just wonder how many people will understand the point when they just hear strange noises and not music.

  • right, so the delay in hitting post means a whole conversation on the topic has gone on in the meantime….

    still, I think this would be really interesting to see in a musical context more than just a screechy noise context.

  • OK, if we get some free time, we will try to post something less abstract on the twistedtools youtube channel.  Can't promise at the moment, but point taken.

  • rishabh

    I have to admit, some of the twisted tools demos are the best i've ever seen. It's not for everyone but sure floats my boat. I don't really have the need for this device but the demo just makes me want to get it.

  • Jonah

    I'm not really into abstract controllers, but damn the demo clearly shows how it's linked to parameters and the screen shot clears up the rest. 
    See the range and scale options? I'm sure you could use those to force more generic western forms.
    Fact is any instrument worth playing you have to spend years using to play well anyway. 
    @MegaTonne Forward thinking genres that haven't changed in at least 10 years?
    It barely even qualifies as noise and at 2 minutes it's not masturbation. 
    What do you want music tools that barf out a whole song for you? Microsoft songsmith is calling.

  • MegaTonne

    it was

    forward thinking music, x, y, z, etc


    forward thining music: x,y,z, etc

    Nice try bro, but the point's been made and I'm not the only jerk-off who sees it the way I do

  • MegaTonne

    Peter – I don't own konkreet performer, And demos like the one's you're blogging about right here don't exactly inspire.

    The noise shit, I get it, I do it myself, but I'm not into other folks audio masturbation. When I'm in the mood for auditory wanking I prefer to do it myself.

    I'm trying to be helpful here, believe it or not, this demo was whack – that's all.

  • Kim

    iPad, Konkreet and Scapes – My personal missing link! I never thought Id need an iPad. Now I definitely do.

  • Kim

    Is there any point buying the iPad 2 for this?

  • @MegaTonne: agreed mate. Sounds like the kind of shite I make when I'm wasting time patching some rubbish patch that will never get used, instead of making tunes that might actually please the ears. All this technology we have today and nothing moves me. Actually none of the touchscreen stuff does currently. Big fat analogue monsters on the other hand…..We need to be inspired – be creative! 

  • …before i get flamed, i get that its a demo also and demonstrates a working practice. It just doesn't convince me to buy a tablet based on this alone

  • The interface reminds me of what would happen if a DX series synth spawned with a Korg Poly.

  • Peter Kirn

    Still waiting to see an actual video link, SoundCloud link, something, from any of the people who are comparing someone else's music to masturbation. (Or, hey, don't post any of your stuff and — go ahead, tell us what you *really* think.)

  • Kraft

    hey guys, this is definitely not Jean Michael Jarre, but I'm sure thats NOT the point. the point is that you have new creative and unusual ways of controlling your modular gear (and other stuff too). thats it. period. 

    I think those guys were focused on programming and delivering this converter to the public. Creating beautiful, cutting edge, non-masturbatory sounds in on YOU.

  • MegaTonne

    Kraft, whether it's POSSIBLE to make non-masturbatory sounds with this thing remains to be seen.

    That's generally the purpose of demos. To demonstrate what the product does.

    I wouldn't demonstrate what a Watermelon is for by cutting a hole in it and fucking it. I'd probably just slice it up, and eat it, and go 'Yum! – now you try!'

    Peter – no one is calling these guys music masturbation. What you've decided to blog about here isn't music – it's DIRGE., NOISE, WANK …. literally auditory masturbation (we all do it – just some of us do it in the privacy of our homes)

    I guess you're taking it personally, because you were a little premature to blog about this ? ….createdigital'music' indeed. Would have been better posted in that site I never vist.

  • For the record i didn't want to knock the hard work these folk have obviously put into this. I guess generally there's all this amazing technology available, but I rarely see jaw dropping results. Its quite frustrating, because this gets my interest a lot but doesn't quite convince me….Lets see some more…

  • Peter Kirn

    @MegaTonne: Yes, it's really amazing how some people who write their own software and then shoot their own videos to document it as quickly as possible as a technical proof-of-concept don't immediately do so in such a way that precisely meets your own, personal aesthetic expectations.

    Remember that part when you said you weren't trolling?

    Remember when I said you should shoot your own video?

    Do you just have no short-term memory whatsoever? If so, sorry; I should be more sensitive to that.

    Also, do you have some obsession with masturbation that you manage to keep bringing it up?

    I've refunded your subscription fees for this month to try to make it up to you.

  • Peter Kirn

    @We Make Sound: yes, absolutely, totally down for seeing more. Most people who make software don't even get to the video stage. Let's see some users do it. (Hint: it's also great promotion for your work — seriously.)

  • If we have time we'll make some more videos of our converter in action, but in the meantime may I suggest that you look at the Konkreet Labs website as there are videos there.

    The app that this article is discussing makes it easier to connect the iPad controller by Konkreet Labs up to other instruments (analog/digital).

    It's a signal converter for Konkreet Labs Performer, that's it!

  • @MegaTone It's a demo, first of all.  If Jimi Hendrix were to demo a petal, it probably wouldn't sound like anything you've ever heard or cared for in about 2 minutes.

    The point also is to break the rules to relearn them, dood.

    Music is way too broad to fit even in your confines, sir.  It's your opinion.  Start there.

    Lastly, have some class.  If you can do better, do better.  CDM is not for critics, but to share, learn and to hopefully inspire!  

    Twisted tools also has unparalleled support and continuous updates to their gear, which supports multiple platforms of hardware and software.  Their UI's have revitalized my interest in Reaktor and I would even go as far to say influenced the current UI for the later release. 

  • poopoo

    You know what would be better? If KonkreetLabs just built the midi right in. Then I could use it with the cck straight into a synth or midi-cv converter.

  • marcin

    This is some serious stuff. The Twisted KP seems like a small thing but it made my studio a serious spin. You people would not believe what sound I get afer hooking this thing up to my Serge… Its madness. I'll post a video if I manage to records some videos of this combo.
    Also even the TT other ensemble got a new life – I launched Vortex and TWisted KP together and it took me minutes to setup it to work properly with the included template – again – INSANE.