You may have already seen FaceOSC, free software that eases the use of facial tracking from a computer camera for use as a controller, here with music software (top). Synthtopia picked up the story in July, featuring artist and engineer Kyle McDonald. But one FreeKa Tet has done his own implementation (second from top), and while the video is a bit grainy, he sounds wonderfully terrifying, as if his face is trying to slip out of The Matrix.

Sometimes, I’m rendered entirely silent (no, really, it happens), and it’s best to let videos speak for themselves. So here, after the jump, are some whimsical and wild prosthetic sound light-up … hell, I don’t have any idea what’s going on, but I’m enjoying it.

I dare you to start some conversation about musicality. Just don’t be surprised, comment trolls, if you find yourself abducted by a glowing and oddly glitchy-sounding creature with long, monstrous fingers. I’d watch what I say, frankly. Remember the old saying “on the Internet, no one knows if you’re a dog?” I expect that extends to space aliens, too.

Plenty more where those came from.

Oh, look, I could have done my research and seen there’s a bio for Mr. FreeKa Tet, aka Bacon ClapCLAP.

Extreme violent bursts, silence, speech, hard rock samples, strange atmospheres, Burgers , American Idol Icon, crackles, retardation, puking static, rocking a gabber party, cutting a worm in half and watching both parts moving, get a watch tatoo on his wrist, confusing videogames with music, drawing little puke characters on friends faces …

Right. Okay. That cleared everything up.

Enjoy your weekend, folks, and stay high and dry, those of you here on the Eastern seaboard of the US.

  • Awesome!  This just makes me happy.  Downloading FaceOSC now.

  • greg

    See, I found that 30x more interesting and musical than "static randomly occurring while 'media artist' spins primitive dj midi controller."
    (I'm guessing that's why you anticipated hate?)

  • Aaron

    The result in the 2nd video is like the absolute inverse of that daito manabe 'electric stimulus' project. It'd be wild to see the 2 combined in person. One persons face controlling the audio that's controlling the other person's face. haha…

  • amnesia

    I always love seeing people create the future! ……exxxxxxxcccceeeelllennnnttttttt

  • amnesia

    I come here daily and see lots of great things and then you show us this and Artful Codger and life just gets more interesting!

  • Just beautiful! 

    Freek on, Mr. FreeKa Tet!

  • J


  • freeka tet max/MSP patches are really cool.

  • Freeka!! You madman! 

  • Reminds me of this classic video which works the other way around.