Numerology is a sophisticated Mac modular step sequencer, capable of brewing patterns from simple to elaborate using combinations of note-making building blocks. It’s also a powerful host, opening up signal routing and modulation to AU plug-ins.

Version 3.1, released this week, may be a “point” release, but its two additions are significant. First, it’ll run as a VST plug-in in any host, which adds direct MIDI routing from plug-in to host. (Somewhere, plug-in developers are nodding, knowingly – AU may be more commonly associated with the Mac, but VST can be a better choice even for Mac users.)

Second, as you can see in the video, you get some tasty new real-time pattern recording modules. Out of the box, they’ll run easily with Novation’s inexpensive Launchpad controller, though you could adapt them to other controllers, too, if you wished. Check out the video to see it all coming together.


Numerology’s updated Launchpad mapping with realtime pattern recording into the DrumSeq, PolyNote and MonoNote sequencers. The laptop is running Ableton Live with three instances of the Numerology VST, as well as Camel Audio Alchemy for synth lead and NI Massive on pads. The drum sounds are from Numerology’s DrumKit module with a patch designed by Jason Wolf of Tripl3Tone.

All of this is yours in two editions:
Standard (US$129)
Pro (US$199) with multi-output support for hosted Audio Units, OSC support, custom scale quantization, and advanced modules

Thanks to developer James Coker – and glad I can prod him to release videos with these software updates.

  • Man… if they'd only develop this as a Windows compatible VST… one can dream, no?

  • I've been toying with buying Max4Live… but now that will totally never happen!!! 🙂

  • Jonah

    Something inflammatory to start a big, convoluted and circular discussion to draw more attention to this inspiring and creative program.

  • El

    This is more than awesome!!!  N3s launchpad integration is very clever and wins the best stepsequencer price for me. This tops it even more! Not to mention that you only scratch the surface of this amazing program with that!! But to have this amount of control out of the box is simply incredible. (coming from the monome i know how this is huge for productivity…) BTW Jim also promises monome integration soon, which i'm very curious about..  The LP definitely has some advantages being multicolor and the additional buttons for navigating…

    This + mlrv2 and i'm in gridcontrol heaven… Oh man, i'm gonna spend this sunny sunday in the studio, why didn't you release this on monday? :p

  • vance

    Numerology is, without a doubt, the most consistently inspiring software I've ever seen. I love this stuff!

  • engine

    ive setup a hackintosh just to try the demo.
    if he would port it to linux i would buy it in an instand.

  • amsonx

    Imho the Launchpad thing is only the peak of the iceberg,in Numerology  there are many other , less eye catching but really powerful as the Cv operator, rally powerful and complex audio/midi/cv routing ..

  • EL

    couldn't agree more amsonx…
    I just learned this tool is modulation signal processing MONSTER…
    I don't wanna know how much cash you would need to spend for this kind of control with analog circuits…
    the possibilities seem endless…

  • Random Chance

    @engine: Why not try and gather a few people together that write a clone with the features of Numerology you'd really like to have? People clone commercial, proprietary, old, abandoned etc. software all the time. In this day and age with a lot of nice libraries for music software and even nicer GUI toolkits that work on "all three" platforms, it should be relatively easy. A year of work for an inital version, maybe less if you have the time and will-/manpower and then CDM can write about your program. How's that for a double motivation? 😀

  • mrtn

    i really hope for monome support soon, then i´d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • +1 for monome support. Not that I need another piece of software, but this is really cool, and i've played with the demo a lot since version 2

  • blubber

    It's worth noting that the AU spec also supports MIDI out, but not a single host supports the callback. Hm, possibly Reaper… need to check.

    and about monome support, the interface for Numerology relies heavily on both the multiple colors available, as well as the buttons on the sides to change modes. Lots of work to appease a smaller group of people = probably not going to happen. and anyway, if you have a monome, just build a converter patch yourself in max :).

  • Humildemente

    -1 for monome support then

  • just to fill in a few details…

    The only AU hosts I know of that support the AU MIDI callbacks are AudioMulch, Bidule and StudioOne.  The VST works better in AudioMulch, probably the AU is the way to go in Bidule & StudioOne.  If you use Logic, I recommend you use that app's built-in feedback system to report non-support of their own AU MIDI spec as a bug.

    I am indeed working on a way to support the monome, and Livid's grid controllers as well.  For the monome, you will need an external MIDI or OSC controller to handle navigation…


  • michael

    jim, while you're here… are you working on apc-support as well by any chance?

  • The APC is definitely on my radar, but I haven't quite settled on an approach yet — I'm trying to avoid controller-specific solutions, but still allowing each controller to do what it does best…


  • michael

    good to hear! thanks

  • yellowDryGrassyField

    " If you use Logic, I recommend you use that app’s built-in feedback system to report non-support of their own AU MIDI spec as a bug."

    I cannot stress this enough. Everyone needs to do this. Apple is known for prioritizing fixes or feature requests based on how much customer feedback they get. 

  • for reference, ardour3 also supports the AU MIDI callback, but has yet to be released.

  • I've toyed with Numerology on my PC hackintoshed, and I really really want a Windows version, I'd buy it on the day of the release.