The Bleep Labs 198X, a mini analog synth co-designed with the band Neon Indian, is now here. It’s a pocketable three-oscillator synth – all triangle oscillators – that in addition to three knobs and light sensors lets you plug in control voltage or other devices and sensors in order to modulate its sound. That makes for some good, bleepy, party-clearingly noisy fun.

And then there’s the Neon Indian-produced promo video, which is … insane. So there’s that.

The synth itself you get as part of a $50 package that also includes vinyl, a CD, a t-shirt, and a poster. Hopefully you’re a Neon Indian fan.

If you’d like a slightly less-psychedelic look at what this synth does, Bleep Labs have produced some more down-to-earth samples and videos. Behold:


With a modular …

On SoundCloud …

PAL198X by Dr. Bleep

And one more from Johnny, combining a modular …

And if this all looks a little familiar, it’s because the Neon Indian custom synth is a new, improved, expanded instrument based on Bleep Lab’s Pico Paso, which is in turn inspired by Forrest Mims’ classic stepped tone generator “Atari Punk Synth.” I love the new variations.

PAL198x @ Bleep Labs

  • I used to put on Neon Indian at parties just to gauge people's reactions. 

  • whoa my brain has been fried!

  • Paul

    Im not sure if I cringed or winced.. It could well have been a mixture of both?
    4 mins 42 secs i'll never get back. Oh well, it's not all bad. I still got my $50!

  • Random Chance

    The hardware is crap (not worth $50), but I love the retro style advertising. Very professional operation. 

  • Here's some "behind the scenes" of the PAL198X interfacing with an audio and video modular system.
    Thanks for the post and the nice words!!

  • yeti

    oh, look, more fucked up pseudo-psychedelic  vsh footage. how original. i want to buy this product now. the add makes it seem timeless and useful for more than just fucking around.

  • Ben Alex

    @ yeti wow you're one cynical guy. 

  • A bit long, but I'm absolutely loving the style! It took me back… Betamax, anyone? 🙂

  • Karl Popper

    I miss the ambient family gatherings of yore. Perhaps this tone generator can refresh those memories.

  • blipsford

    Hypnotoad! =D

  • Kable

    Holy Assacre/MVSCLZ ripoff Batman.

  • I had to stop watching because the idiotic fake pops wrecked my head after about the eleventh repetition. And they were totally inauthentic, being more post-digital than analogue tape.

  • Johnny

    @robin: they were actually generated 100% using actual VHS tapes and decks. No digital effects here whatsoever except for the bazooka shot and the compositing of the hexagons at the end. Just FYI….

  • Siike92

    Wow, a lot of really cynical reactions here. I know the synth probably isn't all that practical when it comes to making music, but seriously? People are bitching about the price when it's $50 for the synth, vinyl, a CD, a t-shirt, and a poster? I figure the synth is more like a "special edition" bonus like an artbook would be, and personally I think it's a very creative bonus. It really is a shame to see all the negative comments.

  • Jasper

    So wait, can you like hook this up to a tv or something? Im getting one but am rlly curious

  • Karl Popper

    I'd be more interested in just the synth at a reduced price. I think they're a great band but I just don't go for the excessively comprehensive collectors bundle thing unless I'm making a once-in-a-decade purchase. It seems to me to be a not so creative way to pin down value on the art. I want the music. If I care enough about it I'll buy a T shirt at a concert. If I REALLY care about it I'll buy the poster. If they become one of my favorite bands I'll buy the album on vinyl after first buying the CD or mp3. But the [insert band name here] Wholesale package seems like too much for me. Not to sound trite, but its really about the music isnt it?

    I do love that video though. It sounds like some posters here are a bit too eager to bash its intentionally-retro style. Ok, maybe some of the fuzz and cutout effects are overdone…Still…the dialogue is delicously over the top. Thats my kinda nerd humour.

  • Wow what an amazing idea! Love the promo video and what you get for the price is really cool. Kudos to Neon Indian for thinking outside the box in a difficult economic time in the music industry. Time will tell if it works, but I am very happy to see a band like this offer this kind of unique package. My feeling is, that boutique items like this should go up in value. Really Awesome!

  • but does the PAL198X come with a burglar alarm? 

    Synthesizer Patel on Look Around You

  • Deed

    It seems they won't ship to Europe. When I try to order the full package on their site, I can only choose between USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand ! Too bad.

  • Wow, nice price, and cool little device. Made me finally put on that Neon Indian album I got from my coworker. Fun stuff! Thanks!

  • Visitor

    European people can't order it.
    That's bull****

  • yeti

    @Ben Alex. 

    no ben, just tired. very, very tired.

  • Peter Kirn

    Oh, I tried to find shipping info / countries and couldn't!

    We need easier global shipping. That's almost a CDM post in itself.

  • Robotic Poniatrix

    I thought the video was awesome!  Everyone seems to hate the retro effects, but I loved 'em.

  • vinny

    I can't order on the Neon site. it does not take the order are they down

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