The folks at Resolume have been posting some terrific tutorials on their blog, but this one deserves special mention. Resolume’s audiovisual tool Avenue has sonic and even plug-in hosting capabilities, meaning you could use it as a go-to, all-in-one live music and visual performance tool. But musicians and producers and DJs are naturally familiar with Ableton Live and its unique capabilities, and may already have their sets there.

Enter a simple but powerful set of tools, built in Max for Live, for combining the two programs. As seen in the video at top, you get two functions:

1. Automatically trigger Ableton (audio) clips each time you trigger Resolume (visual) clips.

2. Forward parameters from a Rack to Resolume – so twisting, say, a Grain Delay effect could add a pixellated effect to your visuals, or whatever you imagine.

Via OSC, a Dispatcher tool does the work behind the scenes. There are ways of doing this with OSC via a variety of tools, so think of this as an example of what’s generally possible. That said, it’s also a very handy convenience having everything built for you, if you’ve already got a copy of Ableton and Max for Live.

More discussion at their blog post:
Max for Live Resolume Patches

Rigged something like this yourself, using Ableton, Resolume, or other tools? Let us know about it. And if you have a Max (or Pd, or Osculator, or whatever) patch to share, tell us about that, too!

  • bilderbuchi

    I'm glad to see such well-working OSC interaction between programs. 🙂
    It would be very nice if one day there would emerge a standard way for everyone, for example something like libmapper:

  • +

        Some great stuff on that blog alright. Currently I'm using Ableton + Max4Live + Processing. Sending OSC via the great 'Grabber' series of devices by mattijs (
    and using 'Midi Patchbay' (
     to send Midi Thru data to Processing as well.

           An easy way to get great reactive visuals off the bat is to find a sketch you like  on and just change the variables in the processing sketch that make it look cool so that they receive volume data or midi data.

        I'd love to try resolume with its Quartz Composer hosting abilities but could never love quartz after getting to know processing… ah well

  • Yep! I'm actually putting together a visual set for a group using this kind of architecture. Combine this with Jitter graphics and Syphon and it's pretty crazy what you can do. 

    Agree on the "Grabber" series of objects – they do clip tracking as well.

  • Also – think of the possibilities of multiple OSC clients receiving messages… you could use broadcast or multicast IP messaging and have one message go out to multiple computers running visuals and projectors. It scales pretty incredibly. Same goes for Syphon…

  • +

    @Mike Todd – How have I missed out on Syphon?! I'm quite new to visuals and didn't know such a thing existed. It looks like the perfect tool to send my processing visuals to resolume for effects. Any idea what the cpu footprint is like from Syphon? My ideal setup for my live gigs would to have ableton, and processing + resolume via Syphon all running on the same computer. Ambitious I know, but it'll be a good test for my new mb pro!

  • Mike Todd

    It's very efficient, although I have no specific benchmarks. I run ableton with M4L jitter patches to VPT with syphon and osc for VPT changes and it runs pretty well considering.

  • +

    Cool, I'll give it a try and see

  • +

    Ableton + M4L + Processing + Syphon + Resolume works great! 
    Had some big slowdown issues (not cpu related, something wrong with the sketch itself) with OpenGL sketches but other than that the whole setup hardly takes more than 25% cpu! Fantastic!

  • This post makes me think anything is possible now. The confusing part becomes choosing a software, and why. So many choices now, quartz, processing, cinder, coge, isadora, of, vdmx, touch designer, resolume, jitter, – it'd be a brainbomb to try and learn it all. i'm at such an amateur level with all of them i keep hopping around different programs. hopefully find a flow eventually…

  • I have synched Resolume and Ableton together using MIDIyoke. It's child's play. I'm pretty sure everyone will be doing this soon.

  • Uh, yeah, I did that a while ago for our CellDNA software!

  • I am in communication with Ilias Bergstrom, the developer of the Mother application and Foetus library for Processing regarding implementing Processing sketches inside of Resolume (and other FFGL applications).

    If anyone is interested in this project, please contact me at, or on Facebook at 

  • I've built a similar system using Live and Pd, via OSC and internal Midi. But working with these two wonderful programs together seems perfect! We need SYNCH artists!

  • I don't like: changing from one piece to next means opening two different files on two different programs at the same time. That's bad on stage. We need a "next" function, linking one piece to the other.

  • Digitalocean

    At the top of this thread there is mention that one can trigger audio clips in live from Resolume. I think this may be the other way around? I have used both the dispatcher and the clip launcher, and clips in Resolume are launched. It would be interesting the other way around. Is this possible?

  • Joel Dittrich

    Yes, this solution works great!

  • lawrenx

    awesome! Just want to know if it there’s a way to trigger the other way as well – trigger a live clip from resolume… any ideas?

  • Chinmay S