God Bless Russian engineering. As of this summer, it’s the only ticket to and from our space station, via a capsule that Just Works. It gaves us the very first electronic instrument (thanks, Professor Theremin). And it gives us an insane music tracker slash production tool slash soft synth selection slash modular hosting environment that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Palm, Windows Mobile (yes, you’re reading this list right), and now iOS and iPad.

Well, don’t just thank Russian engineering. Thank Alex Zolotov, who sends along his latest work. Highlights:

  • Waveform drawing
  • A drum synth
  • Sample recording
  • Side chain compression (top)
  • iPad MIDI keyboard support (second from top)

Fortunately, if you’re not a mad scientist, we’ve got a lineup of videos that show you what all of this does and how to get started with this eminently affordable, insanely powerful tool. (Cue someone complaining in comments that they can’t read the interface, etc. Uh… well, you can’t have everything, eh? Bifocals?)

And in case you don’t believe this is a music tool, we even have some music created in it. (Actually creating digital music – interesting.)

Now, let’s Crash Adobe Flash(TM) with a bunch of videos:

More New Features

Where to Start

And yes, even where to start performing live on an iPhone / iPod touch:

More video tutorials:

SunVox Video Tutorials @ warmplace.ru Forum

Official SunVox page:

  • PauloFalcao

    I love sunvox! I use it on pc, mac, and iphone, very cool πŸ™‚

  • greg

    No Jack support. :-/
    *But* this might be the software to get me making music on my olpc xo-1 again . . .

  • Yoknot

    great program indeed, he also released another cool synth app two days ago, called spectrumgen.


    similar to pixelwave, also a cool little synth by mr zolotov.
    hats of.

  • Der


    Peter you made my day with your humour again, excellent! πŸ˜€  (Actually going to sleep better now)

  • Markus Schroeder

    SunVox is just amazing. This Programm deserves much more exposure. IF you can relate to the Tracker concept this beats the living daylights out of Beatmaker and most other "Production Suites" on the iPad.

    And the immense platform cross compatibility makes it a rather no-brainish choice.

  • Jonah

    I'm having issues getting the OSX version to receive MIDI in. The green light is flashing and I can send MIDI out to Logic, but I can't get it to trigger.

    Love sunvox as a synth. I hope someday we get to assign MIDI channels to the synth elements on the mobile version (for use with mpc, haha). I think I can get  around this in OSX by opening multiple copies of the app.

    I'm going to make a request for an option to bounce patterns to samplers….

  • J0hnny

    Do Tracker based sequencers like Sunvox generally have groove, quantisation or swing editing abilities? (e.g. the groove feature in Ableton).

  • daemoncel

    this is going to sound so newbie, but i could never wrap my head around the tracker world. THis app just made it make all sense to me (i know, it's not exactly a true tracker). But now i want to run home and try all the trackers out there. Any recomendations? (i'm a pc)

  • @daemoncel: Renoise is the best tracker I've ever used. It crosses the boundaries into a full on DAW with VST/AU support, a great instrument/sample editor and amazing audio/midi routing options.

  • Simon

    For a more old school tracker experience, the excellent Milky Tracker is free and runs on pretty much any computer.


  • Whoa! I was surprised to see my video here. Thanks to Mr. Peter Kern for putting it up. Also thanks to NightRadio for making such an awesome program – it's a lot of fun to play with!

    @Jonah – You can do that. You patch the output from all of the instruments into a single Sampler, hit Record on the sampler, and play the song – the sampler should pick up the pattern for you to play around with. πŸ˜€

    @Johnny – You can automate the number of lines played per beat – by doing this, you can most definitely get a swing / groove effect.

  • Another old school tracker is Schism Tracker. Back in the days it was Fast Tracker 2 vs Impulse Tracker 2. Milky Tracker is FT2 inspired. Schism is an IT clone. I use Schism very often.


  • Glimin

    Love this! I also have to agree that, even though Renoise is powerful it can be challenging to learn for someone who hasn’t used a tracker DAW. So, in the future, it's easy to see how this open source software could eventually outperform closed source programs.

  • @Glimin – It's not open-source, I don't think. However, this could be on the horizon. πŸ™‚

  • ufg

    utterly fantastic program

  • ufg

    utterly fantastic program

  • ufg

    utterly fantastic program