While we’re on the subject of making music with Kinect, the 3D computer vision camera with depth-sensing, here are some other experiments into how music might work. As with the classic Theremin, those musical gestures tend to be mapped against two-dimensional axes in space.

And from there, things become wide open. Johannes Kreidler, a musician and artist known for irreverent and inventive experiments in music, shares his studies for the Kinect, which he terms “conceptual music.” A solo “for violin” can involve literally waving a violin around. “House music” can mean making music whilst ironing a shirt. Any gesture in space becomes musical. Without tangible feedback, that can be challenging, and since these are just gestures in air, precision and nuance may not be a strong suit. But it’s a fascinating look into what’s possible, a set of thought experiments in music with a camera.

Composer Johannes Kreidler’s other works have included provocative ideas like making a performance of a short piece with 70,200 quotations of other “sampled” works, tunes from wildly-gyrating stock market quotes, entire bodies of work (like the Beatles) compressed into seconds, and pieces from avant-garde happenings to more conventional electro-acoustic scores. See his site for more.

And he’s got a killer book on using Pd, too.

  • Go Johannes. Fun as always.

  • He

    Truly a genius… 

  • Jim Aikin

    "Since these are just gestures in air, precision and nuance may not be a strong suit." Indeed. That was my criticism of the original Buchla Lightning, back in the day. That said, Kreidler is not taking advantage of the expressive possibilities. Chromatic scales are boring. Mapping your gestures to MIDI controller data and then putting a lag processor on the data would let you make expressive gestures within the context of comprehensible musical phrases.

  • performance artists are going to love this. maybe they already are.

  • very fun videos, love the concept. 

  • ALTZ

    a bit bizarr…what modern art should always be. 

  • dmt

    fun: ))

  • Eric

    If that is really hooked up to a Kinect 3d I'll eat my MIDI keyboard. You've been hoaxed.

  • yee sombody used his brain! very clever stuff, more sit-com joke!!

  • here's another nice approach to music with kinect, for the non-virtuoso player


    but i really like the simple relationship of the dance to the dynamics