Via the experimentation of the movement+music+visual collective in Ireland, we see another great, free tool built on Apple’s Quartz Composer developer tool. Tryplex is a set of macro patches, all open source, that makes Kinect skeleton tracking easier. There’s even a puppet tool and skeleton recorder.

Aesthetically, the video below is all stick-figure stuff (which is the only reason I can imagine why it’s getting any dislikes on YouTube). But it shouldn’t take much imagination to see the potential here.

For one example, see the video at top — something that must make Terry Gilliam get hot and bothered (or wish he had been born later).


  • Synapse support, for interoperability with other Mac and Windows visual apps and depth image visibility
  • OSC messages
  • Loads of examples
  • Puppet tool
  • Skeleton recording
  • 3D sculpting and modeling ideas

Have a look:

A gallery of goodness:

More info on that video at top:
First experiment using my “INTERACTIVE COLLAGE MACHINE”, an interactive collage controlled by me in real time.
music: Boh blues (outro) by Diego Perugini

  • blarggin mc burger

    All of this great technology but we still can't can't afford a decent apartment – Cool gags, thanks for sharing

  • Steve Elbows

    Good stuff.

    On another front, the Unity OpenNI package is working pretty well these days:

    Also OpenNI NITE skeletal tracking does user calibration more quickly for me with more recent versions of OpenNI & NITE than it did back when I first started messing with this stuff in late 2010. This, along with some continuing issues with OSCeleton on certain platforms, means I've now stopped routing data through to unity using OSC, and just do it directly inside uUnity using the stuff I linked to earlier.