Cyril Stoller shares this project, for a variety of multitouch devices (Mac / Windows / Linux / Android, screens and projection) through the also-free-and-open-source Kivy framework. It’s inspired by the brilliant Haken Continuum fingerboard, but whereas that more tactile controller is hard to get, this runs cheaply all over the place. (It could also be a way to practice and save up for a Haken, it occurs to me.)

Thanks to Graham Comerford for the tip. I wonder what other ideas might apply to playing multitouch as an instrument.

More discussion on the excellent NUI forum – a great spot for alternative and gestural interaction chatter and resources:

  • Very nice looking,  and a lot like my "synthicity itself" app, except synthicity doesn't send OSC messages. I think you can also make something up like this pretty easily in Control. But Open Frameworks and Kivy are very nice. Let 1,000 interfaces bloom!

  • Tim

    Good to see that people are still doing the DIY Multitouch setups. I haven't followed the MT scene since building my own version of the reacTable in my final uni year. It was anywhere near as flashy, but was a lot of fun.

  • Justin Reed

    Holy Sh%4 i have never seen something so patently awesome performed with such cheddary epicness!

    amazing piece of kit though…how much for the 27" multitouch?

    Can any old android send osc with acceptable lag? i am pretty ignorant of the standard…

  • Jonah

    I'm curious, what is the patentability of UIs? 

    I don't mean the name, which is a dick move. The Wanken* TouchContinuum woulda been mean spirited, but at least it would say something.

    *Becasue of all the prog rockers…If you have to explain a joke…. 🙂

  • Hi there

    The source code has now been released on

    There’s also a new video of it:


  • Hi all, I just renamed the application to IcarusTouch.

    New code url: