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ProRes encoding. Photo (CC-BY-SA) Satoshi Tomiyama.

Big news for codec nerds – the major free video tool is adding support for Apple’s ProRes format. Spotted on the ffmpeg news feed:

FFmpeg now has a ProRes decoder in master git.

We want to support more raw or 10bit or broadcast codecs. We need samples of the following codecs. If you have some, please upload them to our trac.

Codec name / isom or fourcc

Avid DS Uncompressed SUDS
Avid 1:1 10-bit RGB Packer AVrp
Avid AVC-Intra AVin
Pinnacle TARGA2000 dvr1
Pinnacle TARGA Ciné YUV Y216
BlackMagic Design Vr21
Digital Voodoo DV10 HD10
Media-100 844/X Uncompressed v.2.02 MYUV
Media-100 iFinish Transcoder dtmt dtNT
Accom SphereOUS v.3.0.1 ImJG
Abekas ClipStore MXc J2K Compressed v.3.0.2 HDJ1 HDJK
BitJazz SheerVideo Pro v. Shr0 Shr1 Shr2 Shr3 Shr4 Shr5 Shr6 Shr7
BOXX v.1.0 bxrg bxbg bxyv bxy2
LiveType Codec Decompressor pRiz
Cineon DPX 10-bit Y’CbCr 4:2:2 D210 C310 DPX cini
Radius DV YUV PAL/NTSC R420 R411

For people working with ProRes heavily in their workflow, I’d be curious to hear how far along the project is and how it’s working. And if you can help…

And if someone is crazy enough to use ProRes live, well, I’d be curious to hear about that, too!

  • Pro Res is actually quite good live at very high resolutions. The codec is asynchronous, meaning the resources required to encode are much greater than decode. Some folks on the Max/MSP mailing list have stable, high  performance realtime decodes with Pro Res upwards of 3072px x 768, with Jitter.

    So, not that crazy. Its actually quite sane.

  • Erm, I meant asymmetric, no asynchronous. Its late.

  • Juno

    Wait – this codes/decode Prores?! Surely Apple is going to unleash a wall of slavering lawyers any moment now. They use Prores as a Pro App lock in … has this changed?

  • Juno

    No it only decodes. False alarm. Already in QuickTime.

  • What I'd be curious to know is what hardware decoding support is like on non-Mac platforms with ffmpeg. Suppose there's only one way to find out…

  • Auggie Smith

    Hey guys,
    ProRes encoding is working now in FFMPEG, but actually not multithreaded!
    I expect this comes up later!
    For shure!

    Thanks to the developer! This makes my day!