Can’t get enough of the upcoming drum machine, Tempest, by Roger Linn and Dave Smith? Reader Josh Decker sends in this video by Josh’s friend Rob Baker, aka Redivider, tearing up the machine as a performance instrument. Also, follow the comment thread on our previous post for some follow-up from Dave Smith Instruments to reader questions. Dave tells us there will be more to say on the machine, and that we can expect a release date that should come very close to “the end of summer.” (Watch your calendar.) The Tempest may not be for everyone – and some of us simply don’t have the scratch for this kind of gear at the moment – but I nonetheless find it inspiring to see what people are doing, especially in regards to workflow.

Product page:

  • Great demo. It shows why this thing is such a beast and drool-worthy. The demos that have been surfacing I bet are just scratching the surface of what it can produce. To call the Tempest a drum machine is kinda selling it short…it's a modern analog synth/sequencer. It looks flexible enough to do a whole album with. People will obviously compare this to the Elektron stuff but I think this is a whole 'nother class of instrument in terms of sound generation and build quality.

  • Peter Kirn

    Yeah, absolutely — but then, Roger Linn's "drum machines" were to me always more than drum machines, and Dave Smith's designs have been rich enough to focus a whole production on them. I take the term to mean more; it's definitely not derogatory any more, and more meaningful than simply saying "workstation."

    "Stuffstation"? 😉

    I do wonder what Roger's own take on this concept will be. (I honestly don't know what it looks like at this point.)

  • strunkdts

    this vid sold me

  • Rymf



    Now I just need to figure out how many body parts I'll have to sell to get my hands on one.

  • Smash Hat

    +2. Can't wait!! 🙂

  • Jamsire Ernoir

    Oh yeah – MUST have! AND I just bought a Kronos 88 and I STILL want this drum machine! Ya damn skippy!

  • Ok so the dave smith sound in a drum synth question has been answered.  Yes, it sounds awesome.  Man, might have to break the bank on this one.  Who needs food when the Tempest tempts.

  • MegaTonne

    Nice sounds up in this.

  • CrunchyAlligator

    Really beautiful work. It is interesting seeing the developers of a machine demo it but it is easier to judge the capabilities of a device when it lands in the hands of the great unwashed. It looks very intuitive and musical judging from this video.

    @Rymf – Childrens organs can be sold for more cash and are less painful to obtain than your own. I'm not suggesting a thing – those are just the facts.

  • boxfreq'r

    I hear serial # 001 comes with a naked picture of Tara Busch posing with Tempest #001.

  • s ford

    i didn't the last video of tempest was that great.  

    this however was AWESOME! 

  • Josh Decker

    Hey everyone, Rob and I are overwhelmed by the response to this video, thank you all for the kind words. If interested, you can hear more of Rob's music at the site listed below.

    Thanks again,