An Ableton rig with a dramatically-lit Novation Launchpad grid controller. Photo (CC-BY-SA) alexwire.

Ableton Live fans hungry for sounds, what a good half-year it’s been. AfroDJMac alone has been busy putting together delicious-sounding, versatile racks of virtual Ableton-ready gear. After six months of contributing free downloads and videos – and discovering the use of this kind of generosity as a tool for exposure – he’s come up with some 26 such racks. You can grab them all, but I asked the artist to choose his six favorites out of the bunch:

1. Nintendo Rack- Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but these sounds have so much personality, I love them 🙂 This rack has been the most popular and has been downloaded more than twice as many times as any other (I blame the CDM feature 🙂
Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #6- “AfroDJMac Nintendo Rack”

2. Vocal Rack and Dub Delay- I first got a good taste of Ableton’s capabilities when I mapped out a more primitive version of this rack to my midi controller. I don’t think I’ve looked at another DAW since.
Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #12: Vocal Rack and Dub Delay the AfroDJMac Way

3. Super Glitch Machine- I like when things sound broken!
Ableton Rack #23: Super Glitch Machine (part 1)

4. Laptop Feedback Rack- This was the first one I ever released, having no idea if anyone would even care, and to my surprise they did. I really like how this sound starts out pad-like, but decays after a few seconds into something a bit more glitchy and spacey.
Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #1- “AfroDjMac Laptop Feedback”

5. Broken Bells Rack- Made from xylophone samples playing forwards and backwards simultaneously, in my opinion there is a lot of character in this one. To my surprise however, it has been out-downloaded by most of my other racks.
Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #10: AfroDJMac Broken Bells Rack

6. AfroDJMac’s Drum Racks- I like this one because it gives a peak into how I treat my drums in my live performances. I got a couple of really nice emails from people expressing how it inspired them, and that to me is the ultimate compliment.
AfroDJMac’s Drum Tracks [Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #16]

And, to celebrate the half-year anniversary, he’s got a new rack out, as well. Tom of the Waveformless Blog provides samples of the Ensoniq SQ-80 – hardly something we get too much of. Here, you get bits of “the “Hush” preset, as well as a sample of the synth powering down,” all mapped into a sampler. Video below:

Download and more information:
Ableton Live Rack #26: SQ-80 Hush [6 Months of Racks!] []

And all of the free racks:

There have actually been a number of other free downloads this month for Ableton; more on that next week.

  • absolutely stellar work afrodjmac! if only most peeps were like you. everyone should own every one of those racks…

  • Big thanks to CDM! @ Leon, thanks for the kind words 🙂

  • Smash Hat

    Congratulations Mac and Happy Anniversary 🙂 

  • aje

    Thanks for the heads up on this!

  • As someone who is trying Ableton for the first time (coming from hardware only production techniques), I fully appreciate this work as it is helping me understand the possibilities. Thanks AfroDJMac 😉

  • youngcircle

    Love the racks, hate his moniker. It's my right!

  • Super Glitch Machine – awesome toy!

  • MegaTonne

    is there a repository for the rack files, or is the idea to click through each blog entry ?

  • FCM

    Thanks for the resource, Peter!

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  • Blob

    Great stuff! Thanks Peter!

  • Blob

    PS – and thanks, AfroDJMac, of course!

  • MegaTonne

    The racks are meh, and unnecessarily time-consuming to download. For complete novices only. Not worth the effort.

    To make it more unniversally appealing make an for god's sake, and keep it updated. Promotion is good, but it is counter-productive when you take it to obnoxious extremes.

  • Liam

    good stuff! afrodjmac is the mannn

  • Trying out ableton… this will help. Thanks.