“Panzer” is beyond any mobile studio you’ve ever seen. It’s basically a tank with speakers and a cockpit containing beat-making gear. (Mackie mixer, Roland sampler, Akai MPC, Korg KAOSS, as near as I can see, plus … the machinery to drive the tank.)

From the description:

Minidumper, Holz, Stahl, Kunstharz, Glasfaser, Audioequipment, Sound

And to make sure it’ll fit in your garage:
H 250 cm x L 350 cm x B 140 cm

Nik Nowak, born in Mainz and based here in Berlin, has a whole portfolio of re-imagined speakers and motorcycles and flames and I’m glad I’m not a curator or art critic because I would be tempted to use phrases like “installations made completely of awesome.”

Nik, if you’re out there, please tell me you still have this and can drive it out to an event. Otherwise, I’ll come to you. Just don’t shoot … or … boom or whatever.

I was going to add the images to this story, but I’m not sure I want to see a takedown notice from Nik. It might actually set me on fire.

Also, Alesis IO Dock: eat your heart out.


Alternatively (thanks, Beetlenaut):

  • It should be playing one of these happy tunes:

    Sadly, the Ice Cream Headache project mentioned in the article never came to pass. Poke about on the net and you'll find some more examples of alternative Ice Cream songs. (mmm mine, for example).

  • If I see those guys rocking out on my morning commute, I would know it will be  a good day!

  • CR78

    Gives new meaning to the term, 'Mobile Studio'.

  • cuatha

    Speaking from the perspective of someone who is a curator I could only describe this as a terrifying installation made completely of awesome and fear.  Honestly, I don’t know wether to be excited or shitting myself…

  • coteaa

    set to make some seriously VIOLENT beats!!

  • I dunno … it's kind of invalidated by the fact that he still just sits there pecking at buttons, but now behind an angular speaker on treads. … I suppose that's just my impression.

  • Oh man, the mobile duo + drumset is where it's at!

  • DBM

    Pretty cool . For some strange reason I was completely expecting some EBM lol 

  • Someone should tell Filastine.

  • @peter….

    that shit was hella IDM

  • An octave a gallon (highway).