From comments on the Eigenharp round-up, I think this is simply beautiful. I also think it will be the video to which I link people whenever comments get out of hand. (Heck, I may refer myself.)

“Music to soothe the savage commenter?”

Back to the music:

First entry to the Eigenharp ALPHA competition.
A small piece created on the TENORI-ON, from my new show Ti-To-Tis – Dance and Music for Babys.
(babies from 0 to 3 years listen to live acoustic and electronic music, “dance” with two dancers and “play” with an actor/ puppetier, all around a magic clock; Ti-To-Tis – magical lights, ilusions and fantasy on a comfortably atmosphere.

There’s one dislike on YouTube, which makes me think some people either hate happiness, or miss when clicking the thumbs-up sign. (Maybe they’re from a culture where thumbs down is good.) Also, I dare you to “dislike” the following composition (though we may need a new body of work for a Well-Tempered Eigenharp):

Thanks, Zero Reference!

  • Miguel Marcos

    I love the Eigenharp, though I don't have one (I do have a Chapman Stick, though!).

    While I don't dislike the Bach prelude video, it doesn't work for me. Mostly it's because substituting a piano, par for par, is not worth it for me, not interesting. Bach's pieces on a real piano are far more riveting. It is interesting as a proof of concept.

    I did like the baby music video, though.

  • Thanks for posting this Peter, I think that Antonio's nicest performance is this one he recorded not long ago on his Eigenharp Alpha:&nbsp ;

    Very emotional, very sensitive!

  • Peter

    I love this. Beautiful. want!

  • david

    I really like the baby music. Great music can be made with this controller and it can certainly facilitate some unusual timbres and dynamics, especially when interfacing with instruments that can take advantage of its super-high resolution.

  • Lu

    Love the music box video too!!

    While I have huge respect for playing a piece of bach on a new musical interface I agree with Miguel…  

    And I wish a synth freak would pick up an eigenharp sometime..  C'mon, even with Midi resolution one could do some very cool stuff on that thing.. A max external would be crazy… Wish I had bought the pico last year, now I can't afford it anymore..

  • Well synth freaks are picking it up.
    Interfaced through MAX to cv.

  • Random Chance

    The soothing music box video is really nice. Goes to show that you can do a lot of "meaningful" stuff with the Pico. But I'm sorry to say that the recording of the Bach prelude is really bad. The timing is off, and there's little if no feeling involved. It's hard to play this one without getting carried away, in part because so many people have done so many versions of it on so many instruments. And most of them sound so-so at the best. Maybe it's just me, but Bach's music (especially the WTK) really shines if you play them absolutely straight without overt accelerandi or ritardandi and without drastically varying the loudness while still maintaining uniform note lengths throughout. That's really, really hard and I wonder if it's perhaps harder on the Eigenharp than on a (modern) piano.

  • bar|none

    @Random Chance

    It's definitely not harder on the harp, but you have to realize that even piano players moving to harp are learning a new instrument. Could you play it better after a year of playing piano.

  • @Random Change Even though I'm a fervent Eigenharp advocate, I agree with you about the Bach piece, it sounds hesitant. Do look at the later video he recorded of a Satriani piece, I think it's totally the opposite and very beautiful and emotional:

  • Deaq

    I didnt pay much attention to this, when it first was announced, but now I am quiet interested in it. However if I get one I did the the big one, but its expensive, even though they say its highly affordable.

  • Thanks Peter. Glad you liked it. I got why 'harp' is in the instrument name.

  • Responding to the 'synth freaks' request from above, I recently recorded two videos with the Eigenharp.

    The first one uses the built-in modular synth components that are included in EigenD:

    The second one shows two performance techniques by using 14-bit MIDI with a Moog Slim Phatty:

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  • Sounds like it worked! No comment on this post in the past six years… 😉