The MadMapper blog this week looks at a brilliant Space Invader-themed project from this Bogota, Colombia-based artist:

One of my favorite and iconic projects done with MadMapper to date is the Space Invader project directed by the Bogota based A/V Director and VJ, Laura Ramirez Leal l (aka Optika VJ). The simple concept of the classic icon of a Space Invader reproduced on a grand scale screams fun for the eyes.

The technical specifications of the Invader:

– 2 x 20K Christie projectors stacked
– Modul8 and Madmapper
– 20 mts wide – 14 mts high and 6 mts deep in scaffolding covered with material
– Public : 90.000 people

Full interview below; wanted to get this up there, but if you’d like more on Laura’s work and process, let us know your questions and we’ll talk to her soon!

In the meantime, tons of details:
MadMapper Powers [an] 8-bit Invader

Photos courtesy GarageCube.

  • Look amazing! Loving that space invader : )

  • The documentation shows, the the mapping has only worked in theory.
    The visuals at during the live show looked horrible ….
    But nice documentation videocut !

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