Does CDM get a lot of email? Yes, yes, it does. Some of them are valuable and fascinating and – all apologies to all of you – manage to slip through the inbox. Some, however, are simply exceptionally strange. This is just from this morning:


i need pad

Okay. Guess you do.

Cassette tapes


I am having a “clear out ” at home and have several music cassettes
What can I do with them.?? Includes, some Elvis, Christmas
collections,Richard Rogers musicals,Andrew LLoyd Webber

If you have some solutions you’d like to suggest to these folks, let us know and we’ll pass them on.

  • itchy

    1. get sleep

    2. ebay

  • anon

    1. visit a stationers

    2. visit a charity shop

  • 1. Get sounds with plenty of harmonics and apply a high pass filter with low resonance.

    2. Buy a walkman or find someone who still has a working walkman.

  • I forgot that the sound(s) for number 1 should have a slow attack.

  • 1: get one.

    2: make some loops:&nbsp ;

  • Peter, could it be that you're not receiving some emails? I've tried to follow up on the topic we were putting together a few weeks ago.

  • Andy

    More, please, more. You should make a column on a weekly basis with mails like that. 🙂

  • Armando C

    you should do an archive of "best of" emails sent to you via your blog. There has to be some good ones, all anonymous of course to keep with the fun. 

  • Cut them all into 2" lengths, throw them up into the air, and splice them together randomly a la the "Mr. Kite" calliope montage.

  • 1. 2. There's this Casette Player USB thing that you hook up to a computer and it plays the cassette and records it as a WAV file using Audacity.

  • pulsn

    2. Make a HUGE tape salad and invite your neighbors for a party!

  • Tapes make great pads. We suggest you play matchmaker.

  • Blob

    Peter, please post more! I'm sure these are just the tip of the iceberg…

  • rhowaldt

    Mad Mail Monday, it's gotta happen.

  • 1. don't forget to deliver the package to Mr. Oliver

    2. Every monday a new life awaits you in the colonies

  • Stranger

    This is. Genuinely. Hilarious. Pls moaaaaar!!!

  • 1. Mee too please

    2. Read this:

  • Michael Coelho
  • "How can I make my synthesizers sound better? And please don't tell me to read the manual, I don't have time. I have to finish this term project and turn it in tomorrow."

  • hahaha… Me need pad two.
    Made me chuckle and brightened up my day a little.

    I don’t really get odd emails apart from the usual 419 variety, but would love to see more examples of yours 🙂