The Pocket Piano remains one of my favorite boutique creations – a devilishly simple, irresistibly fun musical instrument. And now, in addition to other subtle tweaks it has received, it gets MIDI – see video above. We got to spend time with the Pocket Piano at CDM’s Handmade Music Lounge at Solid Sound Festival, presented by Moog Music; video from that coming soon, to remind us of the warmth of summer as we slip into fall.

What does MIDI mean for the Pocket Piano?

  • Send MIDI (controller): key presses as note messages
  • Receive MIDI (sound module) all 88 notes of a grand piano, taking you beyond the previous 16-key range
  • MIDI clock receive: sync the Pocket Piano arpeggiators with external gear
  • MIDI clock send: send clock to other devices, and chain together Pocket Pianos

US$275; details:

  • Quentin Lamerand

    Hell yeah !!!

    Who wants to buy my regular Pocket Piano ? 😀

  • kconnor9000

    That was perhaps the fastest get-email-notification, send-in-order cycle I've ever done, about 48 seconds.

    I've been syncing mine to a Boss DR-55 by tapping into the output line that stobes the LED! MIDI will make my desk a bit cleaner. Mind you, my DR-55 doesn't have MIDI, hmm… Need to build a trigger… OK, I now declare Connor's Law: The number of alligator clips, naked clock divider circuits, arduinos and other CV/Gate and sync shennanigans on one's desk can only increase or at best, stay constant.

  • lostfound

    Think I'm gonna stick with my midi-less PP. I seem to thrive with the lessness of it's 2 octave first-gen-ness. (Seriously. I've been known to get a good boogie going in my jim-jams with my little silver box before brushing the teethers.)

    (But: I am officially OKAY with others digging the whole advanced technology thing. I'm OK, you're OK.)

  • Johannes

    Seems like we got a winner for the "Worst Product Demonstration Video 2011" award

  • Josephf

    Love the video! Thanks CDM!