North America: it’ll kill you, m***********.

Sure, you know what the United States can do to destroy your taste in Dubstep, and how it likes to roll without health insurance. And you probably think USA when you think fatally-unhealthy cuisine. But meet USA’s neighbor to the north, Canada. The country that takes cheese, fries, and fat to a whole other level has made bad eating into a YouTube meme. I got to see the Epic Meal Time crew at a party in Toronto in June, but … uh … didn’t exactly have a reason to mention it on CDM. (Create Digital Food isn’t up and running yet.) Canada, you’re awesome, at least so long as I’m not trying to get over your border or mail things, at which point the phrase “iron curtain” comes to mind.

Until now.


And this is a perfect time to segue into a discussion of…


Actually, you know what? No. Deadmau5 is a … digital musician. Let’s just watch him eat a bunch of cheese and eat it like that. (And if you don’t like Deadmau5 for some reason, I’m sure this you’ll be able to mine some rich metaphors out of this. For fans, that slick soundtrack may just make you … hungry. I’m oddly hungry. I’m glad I didn’t post this Sunday morning, though, for anyone still hungover.)

Via MusicRadar – thanks, Chris Barker

  • cubestar

    Wow – I think I will skip checking CDM for a few months…

  • Peter Kirn

    @cubestar: No, come back. It's *diners* you want to stay way from, not us.

    Now back to our regularly-scheduled content.

  • BARF

    Well, that was bro-tastic. I never understood the hate for him, but I think I do now…

  • anonymau5

    Not been to Scotland?

  • Peter Kirn

    @BARF: It's sort of self-referential bro. Canadian irony.

    @anonymau5: going there in under a week. I'll talk to you on the other side if I survive.

  • anonymau5

    @ Peter: you might want to give the deep fried Mars bar a miss…

  • paradiddle

    The iron curtain goes both ways Peter. Try to cross over from Can to the US.

    Anyway I don't understand the hate for Deadmau5 either.

    P.S. Poutines are good when you know where to get them. I'd go for small french fast-food places. Just as long as you don't make it a daily meal.

    Salutations de Montreal!

  • BARF

    Peter Kirn replied to a comment I made and said "bro" to me; My life is complete!

    In all seriousness, I do not understand the hate that this guy gets. Maybe everyone's jelly of his amazing gear?

  • Radiophobic

    I can say from me that the hate goes towards the hype machine surrounding him. The music itself is pretty conventional and boring, and there are a lot more interesting artists out there deserving of the attention he gets. 

  • digusted

    Ok- crappy Music and crappy food- what a waste of space. Stop catering to disposal "artist" – Garbage in and Garbage out.

    maybe next we can see Skrillex eat cigarettes while he makes"music" with one finger on his computer?

  • rhowaldt

    actually, when you read a bit about Deadmau5, you'll see that his music is not that conventional, in the sense that he is not making this stuff without a thought, or just for commercial success. for example, he once explained how he enjoys building tracks without intro-beats and outro-beats so DJs would have trouble mixing them into their sets. also, he explained how he'd screw with the BPM in small variations, thus setting up a so-called 'trainwreck' (beats not being lined up and sounding like a mess) for anyone attempting to beatmix that particular track.

    i'm not a big fan of his music either, but that kind of stuff at least goes to show he gives his music thought, and does not create generic dance tracks per se.

  • Peter Kirn

    Wow, people are reading a hell of a lot into this post. 

    Sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich is just a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Oh, and consider: right now, on the Internet, Epic Meal Time may be bigger than Deadmau5.

    @paradiddle: I love poutine and I love Canada. Why do you think I keep crossing that border? And yeah, I know how bad the US crossing can be, too — I've watched them give trouble *to American citizens*. It's surreal. Here's hoping someone fixes our broken border, gets Canada Post in some shape that they can ship internationally, and keeps US Postal Service from going bankrupt. Then we can continue to enjoy all of the great things about our two countries – like all the things our cultures have worked out to make from potatoes and cheese. 

    And music, too.

  • Nicolas

    all i know is those sandwiches are freaking disgusting

  • Ninja

    Just confirms how much of a douche Deadrat5 is.

    Not that we needed anymore confirmation..





    By the way his "music" is just horrible.

  • Cringeworthy that meal was.

  • youngcircle

    God some of the comments on this site … Don't you people ever like to just, you know, have fun? I mean, is no one here on drugs?? Lol, no I guess that might cut into your OSC study group potluck time. Of course the true nerds hate deadmau5 … Just like they look at me like I'm a child murderer when I say I'm going to a U2 show. Whatever, Ive always hated the insular aspects of indie culture even though most of my friends are like that. Bla bla bla whatever go and run along now and go write some more code like good little nerds so I can have more toys to play with- I'm waiting

  • Peter Kirn

    Yes, as it happens, I didn't actually think of grilled cheese jokes as flamebait. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ideletemyself

    i thought the video was fairly funny actually… and any chance to see more of Meowingtons is fine by me. Cutest cat EVER! … lighten up peoples ๐Ÿ˜›

  • eonomine

    @youngcircle, yep, sure sounds like you had 'fun' writing that angsty little diatribe.

  • Peter Kirn

    Idea for a show:

    Epic Brostep Time.

    Who's with me?

    And we'll take the bass LFO and put it in an LFO and modulate the LFO with an LFO. And then gate it. With a sidechain.

  • Hillary Bloch

    Please don't do this again.   Self-indulgent, self-destructive, arrogant, loud-voiced people shouldn't be given louder voices.    And cruelty to innocent animals is truly disgusting.  

  • @Peter – brilliant, to be followed by epic trance time?

    Hypersaw + Hypersaw + Hypersaw + Hypersaw + Hypersaw. Then drench it in reverb, and some more reverb. Then sprinkle with arpeggios. and more arpeggios. then put some compression on that bitch. and more reverb. beats + sidechain and we're done.

  • @Hillary – yes! how dare they feed that overly gourmet food to a cat. it's terrible.

  • 3 phase

    deadmau5 lamest

    canada- i would rather die and when i see them traveling in other countries i cringe and turn the other way.

    deadmau5 friends-douchey,every last one of them

     the cat-cool

  • @paradiddle The Poutines from street vendors on George Street in St. John's Newfoundland saved me while in tour debauchery mode there! 

  • paradiddle

    @Peter Hey man! I guess Im guilty just as anybody about prejudice.I tend to interpret people's writing or thoughts negatively sometimes. It basically shows us how the world is still divided with clans and races.

    Anyway, your blog is awesome, I read it everyday and I hope you keep on doing regardless of any comments. Then again if everybody would agree to anything you would say, wouldn't that be a boring world:?

  • paradiddle

    @phass. I've never visited the eastern cost like new brunswick, nova scotia or prince edward island but I hear it's awesome over there. The person I jam with goes there every year with his wife and daughter and he says it's really beautiful.

  • ideletemyself

    @Hillary wow, if you truly believe they let Meowingtons eat all of that food then I worry about you more than the cat AND all those people in the video… Look people the video was OBVIOUSLY in jest, get it? lol, all in good fun. It wasn't serious AT ALL, I'm sure most people figured that out but I guess not. Wow…

  • Lu

    I did'nt have any opinion on Deadmau5, his music is not my case (which is a matter of taste), untill I saw that video:&nbsp ;

    I mean two (or more) monstercases full of the newest modules and he has no idea, which is ok but please learn your stuff before publishing such a video. It's like he celebrates being a moron… This video confirms it.

  • heba

    "It's been said that any art that provokes a reaction is a successful piece of art."

  • Daniel

    Fascinating, I didn't believe that so many who read this blog would go into insta-troll-mode/ballistic/nuclear about a posting that is clearly labeled as "off topic".

    Guys, relax! Really! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andy

    What is the superlative form of disgusting? Right – Deadmau5.

  • Post about deadmau5 on internet.

    Watch internet trolls come out of the woodwork.



  • brent

    i don't know deadmaus music. but…

    he is eating bacon, playing with fun gear, eating cheese, hanging with hot girl, having laughs.

    i am sitting in a dank windowless office at a soul-sucking job.

    i think he wins.

  • Anonymous Coward


  • Meaty

    Wow, you guys don't get out much do you :o)

  • come on guys, this is music, not personal problems.

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