Speaking of projection mapping (again), Jonas sends a project he worked on that’s a spectacular example, one that seems to make a faceless box of a museum extrude fragments from its side and gain new depth. Description:

An audiovisual staging of the Leopold Museum’s architecture during the 10th anniversary of the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria.

Premiered on 30th of July in 2011.

Art Direction: Daniel Rossa (rossarossa.de), Till Botterweck
Technical Director: Till Botterweck
3D Operator: Peter Pflug
Sound Design: Jonas Wiese

Documentation Director: Thorsten Bauer
Camera: Thorsten Bauer, Moritz Horn, Oktocam Vienna (audiovisuellemedien.at)
Edit: Jonas Wiese

Commissioned by: Soundframe Festival (soundframe.at)
Realized with Wings VIOSO Mediaserver (vioso.com)

An URBANSCREEN.com production

  • This is really lovely.

    I feel like because the building is basically just a cube, they didn't rely on what's become the gimmick of the projection mapping world of just outlining and playing with the geometry of the building.

    Freed from being tempted to -just- do that, they crafted something really beautiful and poetic.

    Really inspiring!

  • I think it's funny to call it a faceless cube since it's sitting across from an even more non-descript museum&nbsp ;http://www.globopix.net/foto/austria/museum-modern-art-mumok.jpg

  • netchiev

    Yes, something different than the "construct/deconstruct" paradigm of mapping.

    nice work

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