In the latest example of what people are doing with open source Kinect tools and movement, PRICKIMAGE sends a performance that works with the Windows-based vvvv. It’s still a work in process / proof of concept, but I’m really enjoying seeing experiments with this technology. There’s definite potential to be explored. The artists write:

I follow CDM and find it inspiring & informative
Can I share a project with that we are developing quickly
Video sample below is the 1st test promo

This is what we plan next…
A 10-15 minute performance will use the Musion Eyeliner system to conjure magical effects with a performer who will dance and sing live,
live illustration and interactive graphics & audio, powered by vvvv (a multipurpose toolkit) within a simple fantasy narrative. Our theme is
metamorphosis and transition, within which we will play with effects of dramatic transformation visually referencing children’s fiction,
early cinematic and pre-cinematic effects, and animated worlds.


creative direction: PRICKIMAGE
performer: MC Gaff E
illustration: Martin Wollerstam
event: WetYourSelf!
music: App “Feel Like Dancing”

It’s a multi-national effort, this, but I see at least one person at the STRP Festival later this month in Eindhoven, NL. I’m there presenting on the 25th, if anyone else is around!

  • Paul

    The Kinect has great potential as a feedback tool for dance. Too bad so many treat it as a puppet-show, or shadow game. Not wanting to hate on these doers, but please, can we get beyond osceleton?

  • I recently AR gogo danced for 3 hours at Abandon Normal Devices in Liverpool with this Kinect derived AR Getup  (It was the most fun I've ever had performing)

  • hmmm maybe links don’t work?

  • As the co-inventor of video gesture control back in 1986 our intent was to create an amazing preformance tool.
    When inventing 3Ddepth camera gesture control in 2000, the technology that is the basis of the Kinect we saw a whole new level of oppurtunity for creativity. i love seeing all these ideas…