I tend to tune out when it comes to sample libraries, but here’s one that takes the scripting capabilities of Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler to extremes. The Grid Machine line developed by Lindon Parker (Channel Robot) and distributed by LoopMasters brings to Kontakt the sort of grid-based, sliced-up sample manipulation we’ve seen in the monome community and in custom tools in environments like Ableton Live and Renoise. Using KSP, the scripting environment in Kontakt, these produce entirely-custom instruments that cut, chop, stutter, reverse, mix, trigger, sub-loop, re-trigger, and modulate. You can change speed, mute, skip, reorder, and play patterns, and even mix between loops.

Even before you get to Kontakt’s effects, this kind of work really challenges the notions of what people imagine a “sampler” or “loop library” to be. And that’s been true of the sample sound design community, generally – they can brew things beyond the expected boundaries of a sample. I could even see this becoming a performance instrument.

Now, for those of us not content to use existing loops, I hope we can somehow convince Lindon to explain how he did the KSP scripting work to make it all happen. Drum ‘n Bass and House libraries are £29.95 each.

Loopmasters: Channel Robot

Some House for those of you who weren’t into the DnB version:

  • Looks interesting. From the web page I don't think you can use your own loops though. It appears you are "limited" to the loops supplied with the soundest. Would be more interesting (to me) as a general purpose tool ready to be thrown on anything.

  • Peter Kirn

    Yep, that was my question, too. Of course, if you're really good with KSP, you could go do something like this… 😉

  • Mutis Mayfield

    It could be interesting implement the colour of RGB solutions into this scripting language…

    I think the Electix Repeater + traktor + this… could be a winner.

    Thumbs up for NI.


  • Wondering if there is a good 'tag' section on the siet to follow up with the 'sample manipulation we’ve seen in the monome community and in custom tools in environments like Ableton Live and Renoise' mention in the article.

    I really like what this looks like it's doing – already own live and novation launchpad…

    And I definitely want to use my own loops.

    Any other keywords to search your site (or others) to learn more about how to set up similar with what I already own?



  • ben

    Yeah I agree, would be interested to hear people's views on the best way to get this functionality with Ableton and Launchpad. Also, will this Kontakt library play nicely with Launchpad as controller? Would be perfect.

  • I'd feel like I was cheating if I were using existing loops within a device like this.  Kinda seems like a Drum n Bass Casio or Omni-chord thing-a-machine.  I'm sure it's an elegant design from a programming prospective, and thumbs up to the programmers, but the customization of sounds seems limited.  Acid Pro with keys, anyone?  I could see a market though for novice users, etc….

  • heinrichz

    I'm really only interested in the script and not the content..

  • Hi guys, thanks for the kind comments.

    Out-the-box GM//SLICE comes with 200+ loops from Loopmasters, BUT you can really easily include your own loops, in fact I just did a pdf to include with the next version that explains what you need to do.

       You dont need to deal with KSP; just format your loop correctly put it in the right group/position and GM//SLICE will find it just like one of the pre-loaded loops and use it in exactly the same way. I can do a quick "How to" or point at the PDF if you want.

  • Ben, I looked but couldnt easily find what midi messages the launchpad sends. Are these programmable? If so it should be easy to program it to work with GM//S as GM//S takes keyswitches(midi note values) to do lots of the functions (change loops, patterns, trigger pads, tunr fx on and off, latch sounds etc. The  midi keyswitch values are at the end of hte GM//S manual.

  • Awesomeness!! Best software i have seen since Starcraft II

  • Lindon,

    Would you post a link to the .pdf you mentioned? I'd love to look at it. (or see a 'how to')


  • Jeff,

    I'll load it on http://www.channelrobot.com and post the URL here…

  • Dean

    Hi Lindon looks amazing… If you can use your own samples its a guaranteed purchase.

  • Ok, sorry this took a few days but if you head over to :


    theres a post on the front page that contains a pdf explaining how to load up your own loops.