There’s a beautiful immediacy and tactile quality to hardware step sequencers. And there’s all the flexibility, convenience, and power of software.

Solution: combine them.

We’ve been following various custom creations for the music production tool Renoise – the latest being a lovely performance grid, and back in 2009, the beginnings of Launchpad grid sequencing.

You can thank Renoise’s powerful API, which allows its users to modify the way the app works with surprising ease (at least for the hack-inclined), all for free.

The latest is Lauflicht, an 8-, 16-, or 32-step step sequencer for the Novation Launchpad controller (or, alternatively, other controllers like the monome) and Renoise. What’s nice about it is, you can add as many tracks as you want, with whatever samples and instruments you want, but then trigger those steps from hardware. Now, this will appeal of course to those who want these kind of regular rhythms – I’m already anticipating some frustrated responses from our fans of non-duple rhythms and polyrhythms in comments. But if that is what you want, this looks fantastic.

The creator sells the tool for EUR24. How much that means to you is dependent, of course, on the stability of the Greek government. (Sigh.)

Side note: rockin’ domain name.

Via BrenMcGuire on CDM comments – thanks!

Lots more videos; check the site for the artist’s own techno tracks:

Images courtesy developer.
  • Before people start complaining about the note, you may want to mention there's also a free, non-launchpad enabled version:
    Easily midi-mappable to a grid controller.

  • *note -> price

  • Peter Kirn

    Ah, that's really terrific. Updated the post. 

    I wasn't complaining about the price, so much as the ongoing uncertainty about the Euro. 😉 (especially since I'm spending a lot of time converting between US$ and €!)

  • Yeah, I wasn't talking about you, I just foresaw comments appearing in the response section…in fact, I'd probably complain too if there wasn't the free version.

    As for currency, I'll just say I'm glad my current salary is paid in Yen.

  • Peter Kirn

    Heh, now after you and I each said we thought people would complain, now maybe no one will. One can dream. 😉

  • rob

    Aarg! Humpf! Hiss! Gah!

  • Lu

    need pad

    re polyrhythms: there's still huge potential with grid controllers, not happy at all in this area… (it will be my next project)

  • Human Plague

    What I find interesting about this particular Lua script is that, instead of being a text file that you can open in emacs/vim/nano, it's compiled.

    Not sure about Renoise as an iPhone marketplace or whatever, but the option to make binary plugins could be interesting to other developers as well.

  • Ben James

    is this really a big deal? i don't mean that in a nasty way at all, its just i created a max patch for my launchpad for a music technology module in my computer science degree with a step sequencer (multiple pages could be added to create 8, 16, 32 or 64 sequences) with velocity control on the launchpad, as well as other launchpad controls such as clear all, etc. i also integrated a delay which was controllable via an ipod touch/iphone using the c74 app. so a very similar application to this. plus it's on a free format, you can download max for free! didn't think anyone would be interested in it, i thought i was creating something very basic, but clearly not. could upload if there's interest?

  • Peter Kirn

    @Ben: Signs point to yes. 😉

    Honestly, a lot of times it's the simple stuff that's the most useful.

  • V²

    @Ben: A lot of people don't want to bother themselves with programming or scripting. They simply want to use their hardware.

    As for the Greek stability…:D

  • Ben James

    i'll dig it out and dust it off. i think my Max education license will be out of date so might not be able to edit it, but it was working fine 12 months ago when i submitted it for my music tech project.

    i'd also put a big shout out to a guy called Will Crossland. he created a Max patch called wacLpHandler which made coding for the launchpad very simple ( it effectively was a Launchpad version of the Monome router that allowed values to easily be sent to the Launchpad for LED changes and button inputs to easily be brought into Max. i bet you'd see plenty more Launchpad patches if people knew about it. even novice coders could create some great patches!

  • V²

    @Ben, sucks if you need an expensive license to edit stuff. You don't need to pay for a license to try something similar in Lua on Renoise, as you can also do it with the demo version of Renoise 😉

  • I am worried about commercial Renoise tools. Don't like this idea.

    Besides this, the tool in question is probably still great.

  • Ben James

    @V2, yeah it does suck. i guess i can still use it but the code is lost unless i decide to buy Max again. Pd for future projects is the way forward i think.

  • jengel

    +1 wacLpHandler, it's pretty awesome.

    also, just need to say that numerology has to be mentioned as a low cost alternative that has ridiculous integration with launchpad

  • yucatec

    a free, non-launchpad enabled version:? Non Launchbad is bullshit .. shame on your Grid of money
    For those who wants way better sequenzer that this dude .go to
    There you will find 5 piece for the launchpad absolutely free and way better that this piece of…. here

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