My God, it’s full of code.

OpenFrameworks, an artist-friendly creation environment that unlocks the brain-melting power of code in C++, now has a helpful guide to all the additional power you can add. Just as Processing, the code tool that helped inspire OF, benefits from the vast planetary resources in the Java language, so, too, does OpenFrameworks benefit from an impassioned worldwide community of coders working to make accessible all that lives in the language of C++.

If you have even an inkling of working in OF, go drool over all the possibilities – and, damn, are there a lot. The categories list alone is big, and each has a bunch of tools inside, likely including one that could inspire a project.

Computer Vision
Hardware Interface

Of course, what I think might make this mean you’d actually create something is that you can tear off just one tiny piece of this giant cookie of code and nibble away, making some tasty form of art of your own, focusing on your own design.

Greg, who worked on the project, addressed ITP (NYU’s digital art school) alums as follows (Greg, hope you don’t mind being quoted here, but … the secret is out anyway):

I did a quick project with James George to create a directory of all OpenFrameworks addons. It went live today.

We built a site that searches github for all addons and then we categorized them and filtered them. There are so many amazing resources available in OpenFrameworks! From face tracking to animated GIF creation to projection mapping tools to all kinds of hardware control to sound generation and on and on.

Take a look and I bet you’ll think of three new project ideas just from seeing what’s available!

  • nate

    holy crap!  i've been slowly learning Processing for a while now.  i have no coding experience, but the resources out there for learning through and with Processing are incredible.  I wish there were equally good resources for oF.  yes, i know it's C, but to learn C/C++ through oF with all its amazing tools.  the little bit referenced in Joshua Noble's book just doesn't make it any easier.  it feels that oF is a huge huge leap away unless you already know how to program quite well.  anyone know of an oF book coming out?  hell, even Max now has amazing learning tools and books out there.  

  • buffer

    Holy geebuz this is awesome news!!

  • Peter Kirn

    @Nate: Yep, I agree, OF needs a better guide for beginners. I'll stay on the lookout!

  • Tweaking Knobs

    last news and update on the OF webpagr 2009 lol

  • bilderbuchi

    The oF community is aware of both the lack of nice documentation, and the state of the webpage. We agree, and both issues are currently in the process of being addressed.
    In the meantime, get a better view at