I don’t know why you look so surprised about this, really. Photo (CC-BY) insanephotoholic.

“Lemur should just run on the iPad.”

“There’s no point to have a Lemur when you can get an iPad for $500.”

“When will the Lemur just run on the iPad?”

Soon, apparently. Sources and an in-person sighting suggest to me you’ll see this in the very near future.

The JazzMutant Lemur, the touch control hardware I reviewed over five years ago, gave musicians the first widely-available, for-sale taste of multi-touch control of music. It established a lot of basic paradigms that would appear on other platforms: high-contrast user interface objects on a black background (so they don’t blind you in a club), widgets that represent familiar elements like knobs and faders, and also some fairly powerful features like unique touch-centric widgets, simulated physics, and scripting. Some of those latter, more advanced features haven’t really been available in other control applications, and Lemur owners have wondered what their long-term solution might be.

So, a funny thing happened to me the other afternoon. I’m looking over the shoulder of M-nus DJ Ambivalent (Kevin McHugh) at Berlin’s Watergate and an afterparty, and I see – no, that’s not TouchOSC. That sure looks like a Lemur step sequencer. And then I might have spotted something similar in the front-of-house at Flughafen Tempelhof’s FLY BERMUDA show, for Richie Hawtin.

It’s possible this was all a dream, of course. So – who believes me?

  • digid

    Yes. Yes, yes, and yes! And yes!

    I would pay some pretty good money for a Lemur app on the iPad.

  • I want to believe!

  • i think its not a lemur app i think its a liine app. but i would love to get a lemur app on the ipad.

  • Peter Kirn

    @hitmyer: Funny, I know the existing Liine apps pretty well, and that's not what I saw. πŸ˜‰

  • Peter Kirn


  • frz

    Oh man, this would be like in my dreams !!!

  • Jamsire Ernoir

    Please tell us!

  • Nicolas

    I believe you, mr. Mulder.

  • come on, we can totally rumor this into existence right now!

  • corndog


    Of course it's Liine's new one! Read those tweets!

    or maybe it's a collab with JazzMutant?

  • mister-rz

    I never owned a lemur, but it was something I always wanted after I saw one, so I hope this comes to fruition, lemur app would be perfect for tablets.

  • Lu

    I'm still waiting for some sort of mod line drawing ability to buy an ipad..(and physics) I'm pretty sure the live API isn't there yet but one could do that natively in the app over cc's…  I already have buttons, faders and step- and clip (step-) sequencers… what I need is something new.

  • Well it would totally make sense, so yes I'm believing it!

    Actually how is the current state in the land of data transmission from and to the iPad? Would a Lemur app have to rely on wireless midi? Or would something through USB (like using the camera connection kit) work?

    I don't have an iPad, but I'm keeping an eye on it.

  • todanderson

    Believe it ! .. lemur soft/ jazzeditor for an ipad.. saw a preview of it.

    can't wait for it to be out.

  • Lu

    its definitely lemur running on the ipad


  • papertiger

    pics or it didn't happen! =P

  • Peter Kirn

    Photographs aren't allowed at Watergate.

    It's only a "rumor," technically, if you don't believe me. I'm pretty confident of the information I'm sharing here. πŸ˜‰

  • Rymf

    Honestly, for all the half-rumors I've been hearing about Liine's forthcoming offering (which at one point they claimed they'd announce this week, then backtracked and said by the end of the year) I'm going to be disappointed if it amounts to a step sequencer. (I was most intrigued by a rumor that they were collaborating with Livid on a combo hardware-touchscreen controller, that's something I might get excited about.)

    Anyway, if JazzMutant/Stantum are involved, that's cool I guess. I never owned a Lemur, and am generally supportive of cool things happening on the iPad/other tablets, so I'd probably give it a whirl. On the other hand, if I bought a Lemur/Dexter, then Stantum folded when the iPad came out, then they refused to open source any of the related software, then I found it was because they wanted to try to sell the same product to me again in the form of an iPad app, I'd be furious.

  • papertiger

    @peter kirn Nixon would have found a way! (but seriously, this could be very exciting!)

  • experimentaldog

    @peter, were there lots of drinks flowing at this establishment and it's not a late April fools joke? Hmm, I really hope this comes out.  My Lemur is still very useful.  I primarily use it for creating physics driven instruments and fancy custom UIs.  This will be great, only if it doesn't drop the wifi connection mid set.  

  • Its true! Seen it on a local small Presentation in berlin at the debug musicdays. It looked good and worked like a charm.. Kevin McHugh the minus dj implemented a small stepsequencer and used it for a small live performence… its possible to connect the ipad via wlan (osc) and usb (midi).

  • it wasnt a custom miditouch layout?


  • it got the lemur logo at the startup and the developers where at the presentation for questions. the most impressive ( but maybe useless ) feature is that they implemented a physical model for some controlinterfaces. funny thing πŸ™‚

  • Peter Kirn

    Listen to @john. πŸ˜‰ (Speaking of which, I'm gathering DE:BUG's lecture didn't hand out NDAs, huh?)

    And no, it wasn't a mocked-up Lemur layout, and I wasn't in an altered state. Ha!

  • Rick

    I wonder if this means that the Jazz Editor has some life in it then. Any idea if templates created for iPad will run on Lemur too? I suppose that would be too much to wish for.

  • Chris Hahn

    Peter, you should give edIT a ring. I distinctly remember him posting on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that he got to mess with it firsthand. 

  • MegaTonne

    Cool: if it means the software running on lemur hardware will continue to be developed along side the iPad version.

    Not cool: if they're just gonna abandon the software for lemur, as well as the hardware.

    Either way: it would certainly have to be free for owners of lemur hardware.

  • great rumors!

  • n/a

    It's real folks… it's still a little buggy though. Lots of kinks being worked on

  • Scooter

    you sure it wasn't TouchOSC?


  • Peter Kirn

    @Scooter: I'm sure. πŸ˜‰

  • As a lemur owner, this would be fantastic! Abandoning the lemur was and understandable move on stantum's part but it did annoy me! If they offer an iPad app free for lemur owners, I may well buy an iPad! I still use my lemur in the studio and live and it works great. Shame its gone

  • MegaTonne

    Abandoning the *hardware* is acceptible, a bitter pill to swallow, but acceptible. Abandoning the software *plus* refusing to open it up for users to update it themselves… well that's just asshole territory. And now, compound this with the fact they still are indeed working on the software – but for another platform ? … Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.

    Time will tell.

  • MegaTonne

    Acceptible ? Acceptable!

    Need my cwoffee.

  • Peter

    This is amazeballs. I just hope it's not too expensive. I understand how revolutionary Lemur was at the time, I just could never afford it. πŸ™

  • O

    Holy bawls yes I want this app.

  • Mo0kid

    Too much excitement for me. I think I'm going to get a rumour tumour. 

    If this is true, I guess the guys at Hexler are getting pretty nervous right now. 

  • Believer

    No, no NDAs at the DE:BUG workshops! πŸ˜‰

    So, let's get exited then… ;b

  • Hi everyone

    Gareth from Liine here. No comment on the rumour above but thought I'd jump in on a couple of these questions/points.

    Hanzo – Re The state of data transmission to and from iPad:At the moment, there is no way to send OSC over a USB cable without jailbreaking your iPad/iPhone. So we obviously can't officially support that in our apps. The good news is that you CAN send MIDI over a cable. We've been testing several devices for wired USB connection. iConnectMIDI and the upcoming Griid update work perfectly together!

    Rymf/MegaTonne -Why would it be a dishonourable move for a company to not open source software which had been developed at great cost over many years?

  • claudio

    ok, give you some hints. the day before Kevin Ambivalent twitted that he was going to test some new software from Liine (ompany behind Griid and Plastikman Live soft support). Gareth Williams, Hawtin's partner, has been working for a while at Jazz Mutant at the development of the Lemur controller, and worked very close with Hawtin on some customs for the Contakt show in 2008. I assume that was the brand new Liine controller which will be soon announced…

  • claudio

    Ops Gareth, just saw your comment


  • vance

    Well, I know for 100% sure that a version of Lemur ran on an iphone several years ago. I was later told this was simply a test and there were no intentions of running Lemur on iPad. But I'd be pretty pleased.

    Then again – Im pretty damn pleased with TouchOSC.

  • Wick

    I sold my lemur few months ago i really enjoy working on it but when i saw the jazzmuntat was ending software updates for future Os and new features thats my cue  so i sold it , now i have a ipad so far its ok but i miss the hidden contrilling power of the lemur,As a ex lemur user i would say is a good news and i think these would happen sooner or later some one had to push it foward,i hope jazzmutant could bring these app  that you can make your own scripts to make wacky behaviors something on every interface. thats a feature that touch o.s.c. Dose not have looking foward to this

  • MegaTonne

    Just to be perfectly clear…

    There's no issue with Lemur software being brought to another platform, the iPad. That's good. Congrats. Your customers believed in you, and are happy to see you succeed.

    What's terrible is how those who had faith in the Lemur and paid to push it forward have been callously used in the process.

    There's just no good reason why they'd drop support for the software on the original and very expensive Lemur hardware, whilst all the while still working on the software albeit on a different mass-produced platform with an already existent & enormous market, and virtually no hardware overheads for the end-user to bare – they already own the hardware.

    You're trying to tell me you can't maintain the software on the original hardware, whilst selling licenses hand over fist to iPad(/iphone too?) users ? No ? Bullshit.

    That's seriously, seriously messed up.

    I haven't seen such a callous abuse of a faithful userbase in the musical instrument stratosphere for quite some time…if at all.

    I'm beginning to doubt they'll even make the token gesture of giving 'free' licenses of this software to existing Lemur/Dexter owners. A gesture viewed, no doubt, as a dangerous concession.

  • @Peter And no, it wasn’t a mocked-up Lemur layout, and I wasn’t in an altered state. Ha!

    Missed something πŸ˜‰ 

    Lemur on the iPad would be a logical progression.

  • zncb

    @MegaTonne: You do realize that the original Lemur was a low volume FPGA-based hardware device made in France. Don't wonder about the high price.

  • trevor

    looks like an announcement is coming πŸ™‚


  • MegaTonne

    Of course I realise that ZNCB.

    You do realise they own the patents to that hardware ? And have gone on to greener pastures on the strength of what began with lemur ?

    What's your point ? you seem to be missing mine.