In a marvel of DIY engineering, one intrepid user of the tracker-made-modern music making environment Renoise has reconstructed the basic elements of the Ableton Live interface. With quantized clip launching on channels and even a crossfader, it’s unmistakably a copy of what Ableton does. I don’t think you’d dump your install of Ableton for this; the whole reason you’d want a feature like this is really if you prefer other elements of Renoise that are different from Live. But as a proof-of-concept, it’s pretty extraordinary. (Ableton users, the ball’s in your court: someone want to make a tracker in Max for Live?)

mxb has more information on the Renoise forum:
Cells! Preview

We love the bleeding edge, but as mxb notes, “this is still at a very early beta stage; if anyone has any suggestions or feature requests, [they should] make them in the thread on Renoise forums.”

All of this is possible because of Renoise’s powerful scripting environment.

The Cells! video above is a bit primitive – mxb says it’s a result of poor screen capture software, which is also responsible for sync disappearing – but you get the idea. mxb has also built a four-oscillator synth called ReSynth, and previously-mentioned sample import. [all of mxb’s creations]

  • griotspeak

    A primitive tracker would not actually be that difficult to make because of how LiveAPI hands notes back.

  • Oh god, a tracker interface in Ableton would be my dream come true. I'm a Buzz veteran, and every time I try to use Live, the piano roll interface frustrates me to no end. Someone please make this.

  • +1 Miniature Airlines

    Yea, not having Buzz is the biggest loss since I moved to Macs as main machines… but the scripting makes Renoise kinda feel like buzz. All the extensions created for buzz where nothing but mere hacks like this, with the sole difference that the API was neither standardized nor documented. The feature I miss most from buzz is printing the current Plugin parameter settings directly in the time line and then interpolate to morph between entirely different sounds… meta machines are getting close, but not close enough.

  • midihendrix

    Haha to Miniature Airliens and Tekknovator.

    When I saw this I was wishing Jeskola Buzz had this sort of enthusiasm behind it!…..things have changed since 2000.

    I also miss keyboard entry, as well as the mad sound of 100s of keystrokes while editing!

  • Wallace Winfrey

    DSP Audio used to make a tracker object for Max 4 – it forms the basis of the software sequencer/instrument Spectrum ( Unfortunately, as far as I know, it was never ported to Max 5.

  • Ha ha. mxb is a madman.