As 2011 winds down, here’s a good end-of-the-year resolution: get your showreel together – or get some inspiration from others. Our friend James Cui (VJ Fader) put together his latest reel. Based in LA but working internationally, he’s been a very busy guy, working with Processing and Max/MSP and Jitter to code custom solutions, from touchscreens to projection mapping to event visuals to interactive work to Kinect. I could say more, but the video does a better job.


Fader’s visual projects of 2011, featuring Kryoman, Claus e Vanessa, Rock-it! Scientists, Oidem, Mandy Mozart, and VJ Leo.

(Don’t worry if you didn’t catch any of those names he just dropped – there’s plenty to stimulate the eyes.)

By the way, think you can do better – or, simply, want to share work that’s your own and different? I get loads of showreels in our inbox, but keep them coming. I can’t cover everything, but even knowing you’re out there makes a difference, so don’t be shy, and don’t be frustrated if I don’t respond. (That inbox is a mighty noisy place, but I’m watching!)

  • Nice work !
    I gotta start looking at the kinect . seams really powerfull .

    well, since we are there , here's my latest show reel :

  • boring stuff, from the creative and technical standpoint. just surreptitious advertising 😉

  • I meet Vj Fader in DR, and help him with the set-up! Great guy!  Keep rocking bro! Cheers from Santiago!

  • vjchaotic

    Fader ROCKS

  • VJ Fader

    hey Peter, thanks for the write up, here’s my latest 2013 show reel, Happy new year!