I was actually pleasantly surprised to see our MeeBlip open source synthesizer make a cameo in the latest teaser video for Lemur on iPad, the app I saw in action at Berlin’s Watergate. I expect we’ll have full details soon – and I hope to visit the MeeBlip-in-a-book again soon; even apart from being flattered and gratified to see it use our synth, it’s one of my favorite synthesizer housings ever. But, really, truly, I had nothing to do with this video – that’s not me being coy; I didn’t expect to see it.

Yes, it’s jerky teaser vision, but I love the jam that gets going halfway through. (Curious about the drum machine sounds; no, the MeeBlip doesn’t make that bass drum sound – at least, not at the same time as it’s playing, since it’s monophonic.) I just hope this means we see MIDI out on the Lemur app, in addition to OSC – that’s be a big jump forward from what even the original Lemur hardware could do.

And yes, the secret’s out of the bag – Lemur for iPad will be announced by http://liine.net/en/ – though note that the MeeBlip is the creation of Gwydion from Konkreet Labs. Normally, I would refrain from posting this sort of video, but I rather enjoyed it.

  • As trevor mentioned in an earlier post:
    "No more secrets december"

    they will announced (or release) it this month.

  • nate

    thanks for posting this.  i've been wondering when there'd be news……

  • thanks for the post, could someone tell me why a Lemur app (know nothing about the Lemur) is more exciting than say touchOSC? 

  • nate

    i believe there are more interface options and built in features with Lemur.

  • griotspeak

    Can you create layouts on the lemur or was it only the built in stuff?

  • Roger

    The lemur had several widgets not available on TouchOSC or any of the other iPad controller products. It also, more importantly, had extensive scripting options (for baking control logic into the controller itself, a huge plus) and physics simulations (you could give faders and knobs spring-like behavior, or add momentum or friction).

  • digitalbunny

    can't wait for this. I find TouchOSC to be a very poorly maintained for the amount of people that purchase / use it and as old as the app is.

    infrequent & small updates, some basic functions still missing (no custom colors, no random values, updating & uploading templates to your device is much more complex than it needs to be, the editor doesn't allow you to make full changes to groups of objects, etc..). it's been out for a long time and yet is still a very bare bones sort of app.

    i get the sense the developer has other paid gigs / commisions and TouchOSC is his lowest priority, which is a shame. still, tons of people use it because it is the only game in town. This new Lemur app will change all of that. it already looks more capable and polished than TouchOSC and it's not even released yet.

  • strata189

    MidiTouch and Control are alternatives to touch OSC – at least in some ways – but I'm pretty interested in this Lemur app.

  • digid

    If(!) this happens, I am mostly looking forward to the physics part! Hope they don't abandon it …

  • I'm really hoping they will make it free for Lemur users… It was a very expensive tool and people with problems are now left alone. So it would be only fair! Exciting news nonetheless. The software is really nice and distributing it to more people will for sure bring out nice new ideas with it.

  • buffer

    I think it would be great if they allowed it to actually work on a lemur as well as an iPad. I dont wont my lemur to turn into a coffee table once i upgrade to lion and then have to go buy an iPad…….grrrrr.

  • Armando

    @buffer – Lemur works in 10.7 its been confirmed by Jazzmutant as well as user base. 

    I tried to save up for one for many years, I fell in love with it originally when Peter was covering it from the beginning. Jazzmutant saw this coming, I believe Liine was created by the original developers of the Lemur before it got sold to Stantum?

  • axel

    @Armando : The Liine guys didn't develop the Lemur, but they did work with JazzMutant to design the Mu template to control Ableton Live with it.

  • Peter Kirn

    Right, the important thing here is that as of now, there's no direct connection to JazzMutant, only Liine.

  • selector97

    i am curious about the "book controller" in this video 🙂 any info? 

  • selector97

    sorry just a custom faceplate… ignore… me

  • MegaTonne

    No direct connection to Jazzmutant, only liine…. and uh, the fact it's the lemur software – replete with lemur branding & aesthetic.

  • MegaTonne

    oh and the timing of this release is wonderful.

    Literally the second the lemur is officially unsupported (as if it has been supported all this time anyway), this app is out.


    Free licenses to lemur owners would be little more than a 'backhanded' gesture. If the lemur software is viable on a mass-produced platform like the ipad, then surely it's viable to keep it updated on the custom hardware for the people who invested thousands to get these bozos where they are today.

  • axel

    @MegaTonne: If I remember correctly the Lemur hardware was launched in mid 2005, that's a 5 years lifetime, which is not so bad when you look at it. I'm not sure one can compare the viability and production costs of a boutique hardware controller assembled in France, and an iPad. It's not like they made millions out of it.

  • zncb

    Don't feed the trolls…

  • MegaTonne


    I'm not talking about producing more hardware, or even servicing the existing hardware. Lemur owners are happy to let that live it's natural course.

    Clearly what I'm talking about is the software, and maintaining it on their own hardware. The sales of which got them where they are today. The software is still be maintained, under the same brand, same coders, same aesthetic – only difference is the platform. If they can afford to be in business and still exist with the exact same concept/software, albeit thanks to selling the software on a new massproduced platform, then they can still afford to maintain the software for those people who have invested with them early on at a considerable cost.

    It's not like they've moved on to something else, and are being petitioned to keep the software updated and bug-free. No. Not at all. They haven't moved on, everything's identical barring the platform. they've merely made a severely callous business move and ditched the fools who supported them early on.

    The only troll here is you ZNCB, the two half-assed comments you've directed to me on this topic confirm that.

  • axel

    As far as I know they have moved on, actually JazzMutant is no longer in business.

    This Lemur app is not being developed nor released by JazzMutant.

  • MegaTonne

    Corporate Shenanigans 101.

    the 'they' in question are the same people.

    And in a show of sheer arrogance, they didn't even have the common courtesy to change the app name too. Ditching those who invested in the 'Lemur' early on making it possible for them to be where they are today, and at the same time riding the buzz & rep generated by the 'Lemur' name to do so. Bravo.

  • Peter Kirn

    MegaTonne –

    If you continue to troll like this, CDM will ban you the way you were banned from the Ableton forum. 😉

  • Peter Kirn

    Oh, also – a great deal of what you're saying is actually factually wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts, as the saying goes (more or less).

  • MegaTonne

    ad hominym time ?

    if there's something factually suspect, point it out.

  • Peter Kirn

    The application is being developed and published by Liine. Liine is a different corporate entity from JazzMutant, period. You're arguing "they" are the same people. You're wrong.

  • tjilly

    ow I can't stand the teasing anymore…

    it itches.

    ooooow I just have to wait,

    like everybody else.


  • Wick

    I used to have a lemur and sold it not regrets at all ,had a great time with mine now lemur moving to ipad is a good news Another thing a piece of advice For those lemur users who think they deserve a free upgrade the answer is get over it and fece the fact that jazzmutant is dead,now the lemur has a new chasis is the iPad,so when the lemur app comes out buy it give it a test drive and then you draw your own conclusions

  • MegaTonne

    Someone complains about a development, *no matter how good the reasoning*, you'll *always* find some thoughtless goons counter-arguing because the development either [a] benefits them [b] doesn't affect them in any way what so ever.

    In any given discussion this demograph's contribution may be the noisiest, but it is always the most worthless.

  • Well, MegaTonne has some points there, certainly!

  • griotspeak

    @MegaTonne – What?

    Look man, that sounds very much like a dismissal which makes it seem like you aren't particularly interested in a conversation. 

    Liine does not equal JazzMutant. Having former employees does not equal being the same company. IP is not guaranteed to follow the employees, on top of that, the realities that caused a company to cease existing may preclude them from doing one thing that you would love while doing something you are offended by.

    Peter's point (not to speak for him, because I am probaly oversimplifying or simply incorrect in doing so) is that what you want is JazzMutant to continue being as it was. full stop. You qualify by saying that they could 'just' support the software, but that is not terribly feasible from a sustainability standpoint. I find it hard to imagine that JazzMutant could pay the bills with software updates. JazzMutant, as a business, is no more. It looks like their product can live on in a form you don't like. That sucks. Your displeasure in and of itself is understandable but you are taking an understandable stance and going to an unreasonable place with it. it SEEMS to you like Liine is comprised of all JazzMutant employees. That does not seem to be the case. and BESIDES that, MAYBE just MAYBE there is a perfectly reasonable business reason keeping them from doing anything with their hardware….JazzMutant was very much in the business of licensing their touch technology. 

    Sure, I benefit because I don't have a Lemur and I do have an iPad.  I am affected otherwise because I write software and want to make tools like this and the expectations put upon the creators of tools is something that–in part–determines my future lively hood. 

  • griotspeak

    apologies for the implied assumption that you are a man that was more of an expression…but yea.

  • MegaTonne

    Comprehension isn't a strong point of yours.

    Whereas the ability to waffle without saying much seems second nature to you.

    "Having former employees does not equal being the same company."

    I expressly DIDN'T say they are the same *company*. I'm not going to repeat myself, I suggest you re-read my posts. Combined they barely amount to the same length as the waffle you just churned out.

    "what you want is JazzMutant to continue being as it was. full stop."

    Nope. That's neither what I said, nor what Peter seems to think I want. That's just pure, incomprehensible nonsense on your part. Full stop indeed.

    "It looks like their product can live on in a form you don’t like."

    Nope. Again, you suck at comprehension.

    I am *delighted* that they have ported the Lemur to the iPad, and can now generate a steady stream of money. DELIGHTED.

    Money is good. Money makes maintaining their software viable.

    Anyway, it's hardly worth addressing you any further…. you patently didn't read, don't understand, or are just incapable of offering a rebuttal to further your *own interests*

    Your post is simply a perfect example of what I was referring to when I said this (and a timely one at that):

    "Someone complains about a development, *no matter how good the reasoning*, you’ll *always* find some thoughtless goons counter-arguing because the development either [a] benefits them [b] doesn’t affect them in any way what so ever.

    In any given discussion this demograph’s contribution may be the noisiest, but it is always the most worthless.


  • Yes, of course Liine is not Jazzmutant, but as they released it today – it looks very much just like a port of the original Jazzmutant software to the ipad. All the objects and graphics are the same. One improvement I've seen is that the knobs are now resizable, but they aren't the most handy object anyways.

    Considering that Liine is now selling excately the same software, I would really by a nice gesture to make it at least a free download for old Lemur users like me. A 50% discount BEFOR January 6 is not quite enough. Considering we've spent quite a lot of money on their hard & software. That was quite buggy also during their heydays of their company. Just moving the same software to another company doens't take them out of their responsibiltiy completely. Come on, they have even moved some of the artist pages from the old Lemur page…. And the user can use the old Lemur patches.. so….

  • MegaTonne

    50% …wow. for a limited time?!

    And here was me thinking a freebie was going to be a backhanded gesture.


  • griotspeak

    Amusing and amazing, you.  Brilliant that you can offer so many quips about reading comprehension in a post as dense as yours. bravo. just, bravo. it's like arguing with angry jello.

  • Leslie

    Wait a minute… What am I missing here?

    It looks like OSC, it is programable like OSC and OSC is 10 times cheaper… What gives..?

  • A perfect reply! Thanks for taking the troblue.