Arvo Pärt’s music is always spare and gorgeous, inspired by Medieval counterpoint and voicings, and you’d expect it to be such on any instruments. But here, you get something truly unique: a transcription of the composer’s ‘Fratres,’ normally played on string quartet, on a mixer.

The no-input performance uses exclusively tuned audio feedback to generate sound, creating an almost vocal quality to ringing timbres generates entirely in the mixer.


Camera : Jimmy Hayes
Console : Christian Carrière
Research residency, Summer 2011
OBORO, Montreal, Canada

Console : Allen&Heath GL2400-40
Thanks to Claus Frostell of Erikson Pro, who lent me the console, which made this project possible.

The project is the work of experimental musician Christian Carrier, a Montreal-based sound artist and composer.

Thanks to Gregory Taylor and Todd Reynolds, among others, from whom I found this on Facebook.

  • Cool

  • jono

    I saw something once Mike Mills was using a Porta-studio of some description doing a similar thing with vocals instead of feedback

    • peterkirn

      Very cool! Got a link?

  • jono

    thats Mike Mills of REM

  • Paul

    I like this kind of thing 🙂 But as has been pointed out, it is not entirely new. You can see a similar example in Paul McCartneys Chaos and Creation video too, for anyone interested.

  • peterkirn

    Yes, that's why I describe "zero-input mixer" as a technique. I don't believe I've heard it applied to Arvo Pärt's music before, however!

  • I found this so nifty I had to try it out! Although my contribution isn't nearly as elegant…

  • void ed
  • I like this. Combine it with a mixer that has motor faders and you can even play the whole song using just automation.

  • peter

    don't forget Toshimaru Nakamura… I was introduced to the "no-input mixing board" idea through an interview with him and it felt like a revelation just pausing the interview, looking over at my mixer and thinking hey, I've got a new instrument right here.

  • VooD

    The music he plays is a copy of "Cosmo…Old Friend" by James Horner for the 90's movie Sneakers.