For fans of slicing, dicing, glitching, reversing, and shuffling incoming audio streams, this Max for Live Device is for you. Shuffler 2.0 is the latest in a series of “modular” Max for Live devices from developer Isotonik Studios. Mappable to MIDI, the suite of Devices focuses on simpler tasks in ways that can be combined. There are interactive Follow Actions, for instance — a feature I’ve long argued should be native to Ableton Live — plus tools for more easily mapping MIDI to envelopes. There’s a convenient Looper.

From last week, there’s a module called Smart, capable of mapping some eight macros to one knob.

The entire series is sold as a subscription for 17 quid:

Check out the Follow actions in the video below.

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  • Aaron Zilch

    The possibilities of Smart combined with a QuNeo are creating a drool pool at my desk. 

    • I havent yet put my name down for one as i feel i'd be on the missing list for some time if it were to be delivered to my house!!


  • seeing great M4L patches makes me sad.  it's almost as if all the great Max patchers all make stuff exclusively for M4L.  i've been enjoying some of the new articles at cycling '74 but when i see it requires *yet another* $400 piece of software, i am disappoint.

    • peterkirn

      These are pretty specific to the needs of working with Ableton, though, so they wouldn't make much sense on their own. I guess the question is this: what would you want as a standalone patch? With libpd, for instance, or even good old-fashioned Max standalone I could see some potential. (People continue to make standalone Reaktor tools, too.)

    • I would never have got into Max on it's own, in fact dont even have the full license, so many of the subscribers are max4live only so this is really a completely new community that wouldnt exist without m4l…

      And thanks for calling it a great patch 😉


  • DId a quick video manual demo for our latest deviceSlicer….
    Chuffed to have hit nearly 4000 views in the last three days!!
    Happy New Year Everyone!

    • bill

      hi darren, just bought this last night but the follower isnt working for me which is really why i ourchased the set. can you send me an email and talk me through,it. the manual doesnt really explain much especially for the 3.0. some issues are that it either doesnt do anything or effects only the scene or isnt specific to qny one clip? I'm on win7 and latest ableton/max/msp etc, thanks bill (

      • Darren e cowley

        Email sent!  You need to be using max4live 5.1.9 though in case your using max 6…..


      • Jordan

        Same problem.. Darren, can you send me an email as well? I'm on Mac, OS 10.6.8, latest Ableton version and Max 4 Live

        • Sorry Jordan, can you contact me through the website, your email address doesnt appear…

          When youve built your set, save it and reopen it…

          Max4Live needs to be 5.1.9 not 6!!


      • Now fixed!


  • guest2006

    it reminds me of that old plugin (2006):

    still on