Labeled as ready for IDM or “Braindance” music, The Uncanny Sequencer could be something tasty for those tired of regular rhythms. The creation of Julien Bayle, The Uncanny Sequencer is a graphical, generative, multi-part sequencing Max for Live device built for Ableton Live. At its core, it creates polyrhythms and irregular rhythms by making the appearance of each beat probabilistic rather than determinate.

Thanks to Julien for sending this our way. (Matrixsynth and Synthtopia deserve credit for being faster.)

Features, as described by its creator:

  • 8 channels (meaning 8 sequencers in one)
  • from 1 to 32 steps in each channel (every number choosable)
  • generates MIDI notes to any devices (inside or outside Ableton LIVE)
  • based on probabilities
  • unique sequences generation
  • huge presets bank engine (including morphing between 2 presets)
  • 10 pages documentation

โ‚ฌ15,00, available for download.

  • zaxx

    This is a great device. I hope to get it soon. =D 

  • Aleix

    Looks great, but I hate to pay for M4L devices!

  • nay-seven

    Congrats Julien, seems to be a cool device !

  • Cool stuff, but… did I ever mention buzz on this page? It had a gen called probabilistic drummer…but I think I gotta get live sooner or later…this is one more reason ๐Ÿ™‚

  • salamanderanagram

    kinda surprised this guy still gets press after his completely unacceptable behavior the last time around, but okay…

    • digid

      You should probably mention what kind of unacceptable behavior we are talking about, otherwise it just looks like ugly rumour-spreading.

    • peterkirn

      There's no need to revisit that issue. There was some friction between Julien and the Max for Live community when he used a portion of a patch without attribution. It's a mistake anyone could make if they don't pay attention to portions of a patch they're reusing. At the time, I posted an update and used it as an opportunity to call attention to how important it is to:
      1. Keep track of bits of patches you're using and where they came from
      2. Attribute everything
      3. Use explicit licenses when you share your patches so that other people know your expectations
      4. Avoid using patches if you *don't* have an explicit license or permission to do so.

      Julien communicated with the community on the forums. As I said then, I didn't condone what he did, but I think the best thing to do is to communicate and move on. Julien has since open sourced some of his patches, he replaced the offending portions in that patch, and he continues to engage regularly in the Max for Live community and at live events.

      So there's really no controversy here, or I would have brought it up. The value of those kinds of discussions it that, in the end, there's a chance to resolve conflicts and move on and grow.

  • all i can say to this kind of thing is: bill bruford "some other time" from the album "is summer has its ghosts".

    although i can add this: its about entrainment, not entrancement. probablistic drummer: what happens math nerds think they understand drumming (its similar to what happens when DAW programmers think they understand musical time).

  • I regard probability as the computers way to improvise ๐Ÿ˜‰ Some folks look at this kind of math automation as if it is for retards only, but the truth is that it is an old and proven composition method going back beyond Mozart:&nbsp ;

  • @deb: just to be clear, I'm the DAW programmer who (mistakenly) thinks he understands musical time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • deb


  • I was going to buy this but because the process to buy what is essentially a max 4live patch is so convoluted I gave up and decided to not bother… sorry this looks like an interesting max 4live patch but the process that was required to buy it made me no longer interested…. best of luck and my advice to anyone who want people to buy their softwear/patches is if you want to run an e-commerce website do it properly and create an accessible website not a convoluted registration process that takes me to another already by nature convoluted payment process… just my feedback… its really too bad as I was interested in reviewing the patch for our website to help an indie developer…

    • just to update in my frustration of this process I decided to just go back and weather this convoluted payment process on this "e-commerce" website but honestly if you happen to read this or others who want to sell stuff they have made on line take a lesson from successful e-commerce websites like etsy or others like it as this sign up to my forums business before you can buy my software patch is nonsense!!!

  • designthemedia

    for those interested, another video :&nbsp ;
    Give me some news about your sequences made with it.
    Take Care,
    ps: thanks Peter

  • Check what Tristan Heau aka @Musikgear composed & designed with The Uncanny Sequencer :