A lot of people have waited a long time to see this happen. Lemur software running on the iPad, courtesy Liine. Click for bigger version.

Before the iPad, before the iPhone, and indeed before the masses understood touch interfaces would be a big deal, there was the Lemur. Dazzling people with high-contrast, colorful controls, this boutique hardware, priced well over €2000 and running embedded Linux and custom resistive touch technology, brought the future a bit early to a handful of musicians. Star Trek was what you heard most frequently – sweeping your fingers over black glass was nothing if not reminiscent of Geordi LaForge helming the Enterprise. (By the way, talk about prior art: those conceptual designers on The Next Generation, working initially with all-optical effects, were also well ahead of their time.)

Now, at last, Lemur arrives on the iPad, released by a leading iOS developer, Liine. Swept away by Apple’s more-affordable hardware, with the iPad offering a higher-resolution display, slimmer form factor, accurate touch sensing, and wireless capability, the Lemur hardware suddenly looked dated. With iPad software, it’s available to the masses.


The first question, of course: will anyone care – and will the Lemur software compete, with various other touch alternatives? At US$49.99 / €39.99 / £29.99 34.99, the Lemur app is far cheaper than a Lemur, but spendier than a lot of other touch software. [Ed.: An early press release incorrectly listed the UK pricing as £29.99. It’s actually £34.99. Just don’t ask us for currency conversions. -PK]

I’ve gotten to see the Lemur in action, and actually was walked through some interactive template ideas. (Unfortunately, I was unable to talk about that, and could only tease what I knew – I got to see more than I could talk about via folks working with Liine and M-nus Records’ stable of artists – Richie Hawtin and Ambivalent, in particular – and was really impressed.)

Just like other apps, the Lemur app will let you control any MIDI or OSC application on your computer from your iPad. But the Lemur brings a few strengths that I think will make it a contender in the iPad age:

Innovative controls: The Lemur’s array of controls is, simply, the largest and most comprehensive anywhere. And for those who want to push beyond just fake faders and knobs, it has an array of more unusual controls, with features like:

Physics: Simulated physics and dynamic movement were, to me, one of those most interesting features of the original Lemur. Whereas I’d almost always choose a physical fader or encoder over a touch equivalent, adding physics to touch allows the controller to play to its strengths.

Scripting: This is a big one. Right now, the only other tool capable of genuinely-dynamic, interactive scripts that modify the behavior of touch is the open source Control by Charlie Roberts. (That, to me, is probably the most compelling alternative, especially as it relies on familiar Web and JavaScript rendering, but it’ll need more input to be fully mature.)

Scripting on Lemur means you get dynamic templates that actually take advantage of the touchscreen. (Think back to Star Trek: mimicking that would require scripts. They use pages and interactive feedback all over the place.)

A mature editor: Now, here, I’m of a mixed mind. I still want a touch app that lets you edit right on the device – guess I’d better go make the one I want. But if you’re going to be editing templates on your Mac or PC, then the Windows/Mac Lemur editor is now tough to beat in sheer power. I was critical of early versions when I first reviewed the Lemur hardware, but it has evolved and matured since.

An installed User Library: This could well be the thing that puts Lemur for iPad over the top – and make no mistake, it’s the biggest obstacle to any newcomer in touch. The Lemur simply has a whole bunch of templates, ready to go, many of them really sophisticated.

Want wires? Lemur, iPad, and the iConnectMIDI adapter. Incidentally, this means for the first time, you can talk directly to MIDI gear from Lemur – no computer needed (well, aside from the iPad, which is a computer — shhh). Image courtesy Liine.

The competition: I imagine TouchOSC will continue to dominate the market for touch apps, though interestingly, for many of the same reasons. It has an installed user base and templates, it has a graphical editor that runs on Mac and Windows that people find reasonably easy to use, good documentation and community, and it covers a lot of needs. TouchOSC’s low price also ensures it has nothing to worry about from Lemur, but the Lemur app will appeal to people with more advanced needs, and I think it’ll be a big hit.

Also unique about the iPad: because US$50 is considered “expensive,” it’s really not a zero sum game. You could buy all of the major touch apps for your iPad, assuming you own one, and still be short of the cost of one plastic keyboard.

As for Android? Look, technically, I’m sure you could port Lemur to Android. The fact that they’re not launching with Android support is no surprise – but the problems with Google’s installed base and market and their inability to get OS updates out on devices is a subject for another post. (Preferably one that involves me writing surrounded by candles in a warm salt bath so my blood pressure doesn’t explode.)

Video: How use Lemur + WiFi

Video: How to use OSC and Lemur

Video: How to use Lemur with USB MIDI


– Connect the USB Cable to the iConnect MIDI or similar device.
– Open a factory template in the Lemur.
– Open the settings tab and assign the MIDI Ports


Postlude: What about Existing Lemur Users

Since it’s a matter of some confusion, I asked Liine to clarify their relationship with JazzMutant (now Stantum), the developer of Lemur, and why existing Lemur owners should spend some cash to upgrade. There’s a half-off deal through the beginning of January if you owned the Lemur hardware, but some Lemur owners understandably feel a bit left out, having invested massive amounts of time and money in the now-abandoned hardware platform. On the other hand, even $50 seems to me not unreasonable for updating to the new software, even if a free release for Lemur early adopters may have been nice. I have yet to test it myself, but I imagine I would have no problem recommending the Lemur app to anyone who owns a Lemur and an iPad, certainly if they’ve nailed the software release.


CDM: What is the relationship of Liine to JazzMutant/Stantum?

Liine: Members of Liine have a historic relationship with JazzMutant/Stantum. Richie Hawtin and Gareth Williams were very early adopters of the Lemur and have worked closely with them for years. Nick and Gareth also worked alongside Max guru Mathieu Chamagne on the Mu Ableton Live controller for the Lemur. Axel is the former lead developer at JazzMutant who were are very proud to have on board with us for this venture.

In short, Liine is a young independent company, not affiliated with JazzMutant/Stantum, but with a friendship and working relationship going back many years. We are very proud to be contributing to the future of such a revolutionary controller.

CDM: Why not give Lemur for iPad to existing owners for free?

Liine: It costs time, money and resources for Liine to move Lemur to a new platform and relaunch it. In addition, distributing any product always involves costs. Offering a full rebate of the app price is simply non-viable, we would lose money. The initial release of Lemur on iPad is only the first chapter in this second life of the Lemur. Liine is taking JazzMutant’s code and concept into the future, you are going to see a lot of exciting developments (in-app editing, new objects, streamlined workflows…). This will, of course, continue to cost Liine time and money – the small contribution from legacy owners will help ensure the future of their investment in the original machine. Their early support allowed for many updates of the original software. For this, Liine are hugely appreciative as it means that the product we’re able to bring you is the most mature and powerful solution out there. This is why we want to thank those owners by offering them a 50% rebate. We very much appreciate your support.

  • digid

    Yeah, I'm buying. No doubt about it. Don't care about the price.

  • Another question not answered: will the new Lemur patches work on both platforms?

  • Done! I have it now. And I think it's THE reason to buy an iPad if you haven't a Lemur.


  • Richard, I thing. The main difference between the 2 platform is the size of the screen and there is a soft Lemur Stretcher to iPad.

  • Roger

    Also of note is that Lemur 3.0 is a universal app and works on iPhone/iPod touch! Mini-Lemurs!

  • Zaxx

    Great article Peter! 

  • MegaTonne

    "even $50 seems to me not unreasonable for updating to the new software"

    Plus the cost of an iPad …hmmm. ya.

    Totally reasonable.


    It should be free to the lemur users they've so callously ab/used, and they should be grateful that they can get away with that.

  • Jake

    I would really really want to know the relationship with Stantum and Liine. All the time that is spend in making templates, a communitie that is set up, is now a selling point of a company and the devolopers pay?

  • @MegaTonne

    It's not the same guys – the Liine guys have(had?) nothing to do with Jazzmutant directly.

    And since they can't do the 50% off via Apples AppStore, they're paying the 50% off of their 60-70% share of the price.. It's not Liines fault Jazzmutant went out of business – and i think it's a nice gesture to those that still have the hardware

    Great to see this released, downloaded already – busy geeking off 😀

  • Bim

    to be fair. if you buy pro tools hardware you get the current version free. if you want to upgrade you have to pay.

    if you have a lemur and don't want to spend just carry on with you already amazing hardware.

  • Jake

    Not exactly the same thing as software updates like protools. Bugs needed to be fixed V3.0 is not new software compared to v2.0 only implemented use on iPAD. And buying another company is buying responsibility to current customers. Liine has everything to do with jazzmutant as far as teh lemur software.

  • griotspeak

    @Peter Any chance of an interview with someone from Liine? It would be really interesting to know how all of this came to be.

    also – They bought the IP for the software… but maybe not the hardware. Maybe they aren't in a position to support the hardware?

  • Tim

    I wonder if the Dexter App (to control daws) is included, I couldn't find anything about it on the website or in the manual.

    Could anyone who bought Lemur for the iPad comment on this?

  • bert macklin

    definitely picking this one up, but would like to know more about midi connectivity.

    is wireless sufficient or is better to run cables?

    is one of the wired solutions: iconnect midi, irig midi, etc preferable for certain situations?


  • Jake

    @tim  Dexter is a complete diffrent program, had to be installed on the lemur, standalone run and there for Non editable in the lemur editor. To bad because it has great objects/graph interface that would be nice to have in the editor. 

  • Tim

    Thanks for your answer Jake. I see that the Mu template for Ableton Live is also available, so I was hoping that Dexter would be too in some form. There is an MCU display object available however, so it should be possible to base a custom layout around that one.

    I have now posted the question on the liine.net website, hopefully they surprise me with some good news! 🙂

  • MegaTonne

    Wouldn't surprise me if Dexter made an appearance down the liine.

    Though they'll surely wait until they've achieved maximum 'Lemur 4 iPad' sales until announcing or releasing it. Wouldn't want to cannibalise the profit margin, now would we ?

  • @bert

    i'm waiting to learn more about connectivity, too. I have had more than one frustrating performance with touchOSC in public places because of dropping wifi (interference?), even with an ad hoc connection. Am I correct that the lemur-computer connection lemur is made with 'sharing' instead of IP addresses? Maybe this will help……. or maybe I would have to drop $200 on an iconnectmidi to get a rock solid connection.. and at that point am I losing some amount of resolution in control messages?

  • Peter Kirn

    See above: JazzMutant and Stantum neither developed nor published Lemur for iPad.

    And, yes, we'll take a closer look at this, so please keep the questions coming.

  • lucas paris

    It seems to be missing the gesture object, at least in the manual and on there site, I haven't bought my ipad yet to try it. Any info on that?

    • DJMiCL

      Yeah the gesture object is gone in the iOS version.  You can load an interface that includes the gesture object and even edit the variables etc.. but it doesn't function properly when you use it with the iPad.

  • MegaTonne

    All this Company-name subterfuge, from a supposedly impartial journalistic source, is in poor taste, and is disingenuous bordering on outright lying.


    What person(s) developed the Lemur software FOR jazzmutant ?

    What person(s) developed (ahem, ported) the Lemur software FOR liine ?

    And the fact that the 'new' Lemur editor, and Lemur daemon available from liine's website connect to the original Lemur hardware in a 'legacy' mode…is a coincidence ?

    And the lemur templates ?…another coincidence ? The lemur name ? the lemur aesthetic ?

    All this, and yet there's still people, including journalists who certainly know better, clinging on to the Liine != Jazzmutant therefore-existing-lemur-users-and-ultimately-investors-have-NOTHING-to-complain-about argument.

  • Peter Kirn


    They've licensed IP and the Lemur name from the previous owner, and they hired one developer. They explained as much in comments I added to the post. That's the answer to your questions, and it's the fact and reality of the situation. I make no claim to impartiality, but that's simply the plain *answer to your question*, whether you're satisfied with it or not.

    If you continue to monopolize comments, I will ban your IP from the site.

  • heikie

    So its a third party clone of the original lemur, interesting idea! I feel though that $49.00 is too much for essentially Lemur skinned controls, especially the iphone application which will always be limited due to its size. $4.99 yes, $49.00 no. 

  • @heikie

    It's not a clone, it IS Lemur.

  • Damn, with all these cool things for iPad coming out, I think an iPad is going to be my next music purchase.

  • heikie

    I thought Lemur was hardware and software solution? I like the idea, but the price is way too high when compared to touchosc. I can understand the appeal of attaching to the history of the Lemur, but at the same time, it is just sliders and buttons skinned and osc transmit, so for me $50 is too expensive at the moment for benefit of Lemur styling and logo.

  • stellan0r

    if you use a Missing Link, you don't need a cable from your ipad to you midi-gear at all to connect it with the Lemur app 🙂 (ok you need a midi cable from the ML to your midi stuff, but your iPad with Lemur connects via WiFi to the Missing Link! 😀 

  • Groc

    All I know is, as a consumer I have wanted a Lemur for years but could honestly never afford one. Now it can all be purchased for way less than half the price of the original with the additional capabilties of the iPad. It all seems like good news to me!

  • malky

    kinda cheesed that i bought griid just the other day and then this came out. looks absolutely insane

  • DBM

    So other than sales pitch / bullet points why this app over the others ? 

    Or in other words is it time for a CDM showdown article ???

    Lemur vs. TouchOSC vs. Midi Touch 

    I would read the hell out of that 😉 

  • papertiger

    i definitely lost sleep last night because of this dropping — read the manual through and then was too excited to go to bed!

    that being said, i haven't pulled the trigger because i want more details and information on how exactly it all works (connections, etc. with DAWs, vsts, etc.) and whether the user templates are working well or not. i know that info. will come, but it's hard to wait. i want to be sure – $50 is a lot to spend on something that might not work out. Have too many apps where that ended up being the case. A demo would be ideal…

  • papertiger

    hmm, connecting looks easier than i thought…


  • Peter Kirn

    Those are my bullets, not theirs. So that's what I think they may have in their corner. Now, of course, the one thing is, with all those additional objects and the editor, the Lemur app is neither the simplest nor the cheapest option out there. But for sheer range of control, I think it's going to be the one to beat. Control can do some of the interactive things, but that assumes you're ready to get your hands dirty with JavaScript, etc.

    Things like Griid are better-suited to Ableton, though — if you just want to control Ableton's UI, an Ableton-focused app is going to be a better choice. 

  • I have to admit to being very tempted by this. However, I'm very happy with the simplicity and stability of Midi Touch at the moment. Being able to edit the templates "in place" on the iPad means that I haven't even opened TouchOSC since I got Midi Touch. Adding the same capability to Lemur would make it the killer app imho.

  • Armando

    Nice post. Thanks Peter. 

  • another reason to buy the iPad…i have to buy because my hands can no longer like using a mouse.

  • danny s

    50 bucks for a "lemur noob" is indeed a pricey app, probably a difficult sell, but 25 bucks for existing lemur handlers isn't too bad (and let's face it, if you could afford/justify a lemur, the app is chump change).  i think the discount is really an excellent gesture on liine's part, going out of their way really — i've spoken with app developers who insist that it isn't possible to make such concessions to paying customers.  

    i can continue using my OG lemur alongside the ipad, so i will have 2 lemurs (one for each hand) plus iphone/ipod satellite little'ns to boot (for other appendages)!  

    i really hope the scripting gets an overhaul.  i love my lemur for what it is/was at the time, but the scripting, while handy, was kinda lacking.  i often couldn't accomplish even simple tasks with arrays and strings.  the ios devices also open up some neat new possibilities for objects — gyroscopes, camera/mic input, etc.  exciting.  now i need a slightly bubbly, fluid-proof lining on my ipad, like the lemur hardware.

  • I want to buy this app, and I don't even have an iPad.

  • gabbo

    Any info or feedback on using it with VJ applications like modul8 ?

  • Michael Coelho

    I was seriously considering a Lemur just before the iPad 1 was released. I got the iPad 1 soon after release and ever since, I've hoped that the Lemur software would be ported over to the iPad. I'm definitely on board with this app. Take a look at all of these templates:&nbsp ;http://liine.net/en/community/user-library/

  • rod

    They should point out that Mu, which template is already on the site, needs M4L.

    Its in the jazzmutant page, I asked in the forums and answered than iPad lemur uses also M4L

    • Mike

      Agreed – I bought the Lemur app to use with Ableton Live and Mu. Got a nasty surprise when I realised I need Max for Live for another EUR199 after the purchase. Dependencies for flagship templates on the Liine site should have notices… also makes a case for a demo version of apps like this. I'll go back to TouchOSC with LiveControl…not sure how I will use Lemur in my set-up for now.

  • Nice link Michael! The user library looks great.

    True, to get Mu running M4L is needed.

  • steppe down

    I'm confused… so does this run as a stand alone program that I can plug my midi into and just start making music on it, or do I need to be running something separate on my Mac too?

  • zncb

    @steppe down: It can control anything that can receive MIDI or OSC. But if you're using Live you can get some automatic integration using a template called Mu, which requires max for live to be installed.

  • steppe down

    Ahhhh thanks. I guess this means that I could hook it up to garageband.

  • rod_zero

    50 bucks for this is a BARGAIN, there are plug ins much more expensive. Problem is people getting entitle to cheap apps cause of games and gimmicks.

    This is thing is incredible chip for what it does, just look around for midi controllers that doesnt have 1/10 of funcionality of this

  • experimentaldog

    I bought a Jazzmutant Lemur and it's still awesome.  I just got Liine's Lemur an it's awesome too.  Lemur has and always will be a solid instrument in my arsenal.  Don't just see it as a control UI, use it to "create digital music".  Just heard an interview about how Bjork's been using them recently on her new album.  I think the physics alone set it apart from the rest.  Can't wait for the accelerometer data to get mixed with the physics algorithms and have it all bounce away.  

  • DGillespie

     Lemur for ipad looks great! Peter, just so you know, Oraison by Sound Fantasy has an in app template editor, and it works quite well.

    &nbsp ;http://www.sound-fantasy.com/products.php

  • grimley

    Just to confirm … Steppe Down was asking if he needed to run something on his Mac too.  In the video it shows a separate Lemur Daemon app being launched on the laptop.  Is this needed to recognize midi?  Does Lemur support code midi?  For instance, can I connect this straight into say a Korg Radias using the camera connection kit and a USB cable?  

  • xmodz

    $50 is too much for this. Especially for a controller app that still requires the use of other hardware in order to be useful.

    Whether or not $50 is a fair price for the functionality that it provides, it does not compete with the pricing of other professional quality iOS apps. End of story.

    Hey guys, Fairlight called and they want their iOS app pricing scheme back!

  • martin wheeler

    If you are excited by the possibilities of Lemur and already have an iPad, then €40 is really incredibly cheap to get what before today would have cost you €2500. Even if you go out and buy an iPad to run it, it is still less than a quarter of the price, … and you get a free iPad with your Lemur 😉 Comparing the pricing to Garage Band or whatever is only relevant if you are trying to decide whether to buy GB or Lemur. In which case you are probably also ttying to decide whether to buy a grapefruit or a pair of socks.

  • @grimley

    Yes, Lemur supports CoreMIDI and the camera connection kit.

  • martin wheeler

    What do we know about compatibility with iOS midi interfaces ? Liine suggest using USB midi for best latency, but then only mention that the iConnect midi interface works and that the Alesis IO doesn't. How about the IK and Line 6 things or generic midi interfaces via the Apple Camera Kit? Seems to me that that is the first thing you would want to know if you were considering this. It would be odd if Liine hadn't tested it with the two or three principal iOS interfaces out there … ???

  • Peter Kirn

    @Martin: I believe they're supporting Core MIDI, which means compatibility should be the same as with other apps. That said, I don't know why Alesis IO wouldn't work. I'll meet with them and find out. But you shouldn't theoretically have to test with every MIDI interface out there, any more than you test software with every audio and MIDI interface on the Mac; not to be overly pragmatic here, but you test your support of the framework.

    I'm intrigued by how confident people are of what pricing does and doesn't work, given most developers I talk to – iOS and otherwise – are deeply concerned that the expected price points on iOS won't support their development costs, particularly when they do apps that have narrower appeal.

    But you're the consumer. You should pay what you want to pay. Just remember that it's natural some developers will price higher with the expectation at the outset that they'll have fewer users. (Oh, yeah, and remember that fewer users means lower support costs, typically.) So I expect a big range, from free to $50 or so or more, will continue to be the norm as the platform matures.

  • martin wheeler

    @Peter … agreed, but midi interfaces for 'normal computers' have been around for decades, there are hundreds of models out there, and Mac or Windows music software does NOT generally suggest that you use any particular one … wheras direct ( i.e. not via the camera kit) midi interfaces for iphone/ipads are pretty new, and as far as I know there are just a handful of them … and, most importantly : Liine DO say – in the Lemur manual – they suggest the iConnect and not the Alesis IO (because it doesn't support sysex) … so, given that the iConnect is several times the price of the IK, Line 6 etc models, ( and what's more is apparently not yet available here in France) I think the question is pretty important … In fact, for me personally, given that I don't yet have an interface for my iPad and am VERY excited

    about Lemur, the burning question facing me this very morning is do I go down the road and buy a cheapo interface … or order a more exensive iConnect from Thomann and wait a week for it to arrive 🙁   … so Peter, this is well urgent stuff  ! 🙂

  • Leslie


    Where did my post go?!

    All I was stating is that Lemur for iPad does NOT offer anything more than OSC which is 10 times cheaper…

  • Franz

    Can somebody comment on performance on an ipad1? Thnx

    Oh and Peter the offer to update is not for previous owners but current owners. I didnt make a picture if my settings screen before I sold it and i am quite sure nobody did. Not a problem, I am happy I sold it as long as I still got a bit if money for it. And now I can use my templates again. 

  • This is absolutely excellent news, and the price seems completely justified – Generous even! £35, for what this is capable of, is marvellous. Cannot wait to see the creations/input that such widespread use will generate. 

    Perhaps one question that doesn't seem to be addressed is whether iPad-made Lemur creations will work on the existing Lemur hardware? Assuming bugs are not a huge issue, this may benefit the pre-installed base of original Lemur users too.

    Considering putting together a control panel for Arturia's Jupiter 8V, as well as for the Moog Phatty!

  • Franz

    Where can I find the line Mu distribution?  Is it part of the app? And where can i find the max extenaions? Or do we have to use the old mu1.1

  • digid

    MU is here, together with the rest of the templates etc.:


  • griotspeak

    $50 is certainly not outrageous, it simply means that there will be fewer impulse buys, which is probably a consideration of theirs. Supporting eople who are unwilling to invest what you think the software is worth can be draining.

    One day i WILL have $50 worth of curiosity about how I could use this software for awesome. 

  • Marcus V Warner

    I like many others have dreamed of the day since the ipad was announced of Lemur finally being within my reach… My question which seems to be intentionally un answered is how many points of touch are available on the ipad version… It seems to be glossed over which is kind of giving me a bad feeling? 

  • mo0kid

    The GBP price is £34.99, not the £29.99 as stated. Still worth every penny though.

    I'm a TouchOSC user, and for me the one thing that is going to sell this to me is the scripting feature. I'm hoping that this will enable me to set up UI logic  and cross-routing that would normally have to controlled with a Pd patch.

  • griotspeak

    @marcus… why would it not be 11?

  • Peter Kirn

    @mo0kid: Yep, fixed the pricing!

  • gLOW-x

    Take a look at Sensomusic Usine on a tablet PC too.

    You get multitouch too, more controls,MIDI/OSC, physics controllers, a real DAW, audio treatment…a blend of Lemur and Bidule/MaxMSP 😉

  • Seba

    Damnit. I have not wanted an iPad until this moment. Damnit.

  • Zymos

    Alesis I/O doesn't work because it does not transmit sysex….

  • Saw the news, went straight to the App Store, bought it !

    I was waiting for this day for a loooooong time !!!!!


  • hey .. so . yeah. i have three ipads. running touch osc, and touchable on the other two. jumped out o my pants when i saw lemur for ipad. however.. seems it only lets me have it on one ipad.. the other apps allow me to load them to all my devices under my itunes store account, only this says "installed already" when i go to put it on my other two pads.. BOOOO.. thats something they have to fix fo dam sure

  • Alesis iO Dock, as any other iOS-specific MIDI interface (such as iConnect MIDI or Line6 MIDI Mobilizer II), or class compliant MIDI interface through the Camera Connection Kit, works. But as Zymos correctly noted, the Alesis unit filters out all SYSEX messages. MIDI notes and continuous controllers (CC) are transmited fine though.

  • @ djshine

    Thanks for the email. We'll have a look at this, it's not normal that you can't install the app on several devices.

    Have you tried downloading the app from iTunes on your computer, then click-dragging the app from your Library to the iOS device (connected with the sync cable)?

  • @Groc

    Yea, and I always wondered why there where only two [did I miss one?] apps for the original Lemur hardware…

  • griotspeak

    Wait, the UNIT filters out sysex?

    for true? I was going to look past the bulk of it, but that kills the last bit of enthusiasm I had for the iodock. No sysex isn't the worst thing in the world but sysex is useful.

  • zymos

    Have you spent some time reading the posts over at Alesis?

    THAT is what killed any enthusiasm I had, or at least put it on the back burner.

    Sorry to go off topic…man that Lemur sure does look sexy!

  • That's good to know about the Alesis IO Dock. I was mildly interested in it but if it blocks system exclusive messages, forget it.

  • im a dumbass.. as it turns out the boys at liine had done no wrong. was able to get lemur loaded on all three pads.. it seems that the issue had to do with not being on ios 5.01 – thanks guys it works great

  • Here are all the templates: http://liine.net/en/community/user-library/

  • zymos

    I miss the cute monster avatars  🙁

  • Speak

    Those templates are quite alluring.

  • i would never buy anything off liine again. first of all they buy out the guy who made livecontrol which is still amazing although they stopped him updating it. they then brought out griid which was nowhere near as good although still great for a steep price then never updated it. stifling the touch apps for advanced control of live with the iphone. blah. now instead of updating it once again, they've released this pointless thing for £35. fuck off.

  • mat

    Hi there, I am using a Lemur since 2008 and built many templates that are well known in the community. I just want to state: THANK YOU LIINE for keeping the Lemur alive and transporting it to another plattform.
    I always was sceptic regarding the speed of communication on Ipads WiFi (compared to original Lemurs ethernet connection), but yesterday I shot a video, that shows 2 of my stepsequencers running parallel on Ipad via Wifi and it works! (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEEHnq5c4zY ) Thats impressive because the full version of Sequencomat handles about 4000 values and the lite version about 2000 values in realtime…. so no more doubts: Lemur on Ipad is really great :))

  • eLJay

    It's fair enough, jazzmutant are no longer in the game. What would really interest me is if they go the way of Dexter or beyond and create an even better application. I'm locked into pc's and android so it would be even better to see some different developers and platforms pushing the envelope.

  • eLJay

    Just one question, how multi touch is the ipad? I keep seeing people using 2 fingers on the screen whereas the jazzmutant would allow a 10 finger mixer slide!

  • GiorgioMartini

    Lemur is simply kickass… go get it.

  • GiorgioMartini

    Lemur is simply kickass… go get it.

  • GiorgioMartini

    Lemur is simply kickass… go get it.

  • Rob Vermeer

    Video: How to use Lemur with USB MIDI
    The video is not watchable, ‘this video is private’

  • Rob Vermeer

    Video: How to use Lemur with USB MIDI
    The video is not watchable, ‘this video is private’

  • Rob Vermeer

    Video: How to use Lemur with USB MIDI
    The video is not watchable, ‘this video is private’