If you’re lamenting the demise of the dedicated Lemur display and multi-touch controller – since reincarnated as an iPad app – you might be intrigued by the Emulator. Like the Lemur, the Emulator uses a modular array of touch controls, with more than a casual nod at JazzMutant’s original. Here, though, the touch display is embedded in display hardware. (The vendor provides basically custom software and systems integration; unlike JazzMutant, they’re using off-the-shelf display and touch hardware, though that could actually be a good thing in the long run.)

Most amusingly, you get wooden end caps on this. They’ve even appended “1974” to the name. It’ll be perfect for the Enterprise bridge I’m building in my living room with shag carpeting and lava lamps.

Glass (“chemically-strengthened” — possibly Gorilla Glass or similar), with projected capacitive touch
4 touch points
“Less than 4 ms latency” reported under Windows 8 and Mac OS X
1920 x 1080 display, 22″ (55.8 cm)
15-pin analog, Display Port inputs (via adapter – not sure if you get an actual digital in)
17.5 lbs (7.9 kg)

You can make your own control layouts, or use included ones built for use with Traktor DJ or Ableton Live.

No pricing info yet; shipping February. Updated: Preorder pricing is US$2495. (Thanks, Jeff!) Given the relatively low cost of multi-touch displays, that sounds to me a bit steep, if in line with former Lemur pricing.

Now, of course, because this uses commercially-available displays, you could roll your own similar solution. Linux and Windows 8 are adding multi-touch features that work with these kinds of displays. Basically, what SmithsonMartin sells is an integrated solution with their own software.

But that itself is a potentially-fruitful avenue. We’ll see if they can connect with a market on this, and if anyone else gets in the same game. (I can tell you, I’d be tempted to stick a computer underneath that display and build something all-in-one.

More information:

And yes, the obligatory promo video:

  • jef

    its been on sale for preorder for a while @ $2495. http://www.djdeals.com/smithsonmartinKS1974.htm

  • Jamsire Ernoir


  • KNS


  • bliss

    Yet another promo vid that sucks butt. Jeez.

  • Peanut

    If this was not just a controller but an actual instrument, then i can maybe fathom the insane price, but why bother creating this to only make something even more expensive than the lemur (i believe the pricetag is what truly killed the Lemur).   

  • Anders

    Why can´t one just have the lemur app on an iPad and just add some nice wooden sides to a holder?

  • Peanut
  • Peanut
  • When I first saw the product pictures (which look suspiciously like mockups) I thought this was a wooden enclosure for mounting a pair of iPads running the Lemur app, side by side.

    … which would, IMHO, make much more sense (and be cheaper) than a proprietary $2500 unit.

  • On the plus side, I like the design. Reminds me of Star Trek – maybe 'Wrath of Khan.'

  • Looks pretty and all. But the price is way too high. 🙁

  • ex-fanboy

    (goes to wallet)

  • Gica

    To be on the scene, unfortunately, it is about the image, When every kid can have an ipad if you want to look more pro' you buy intangible touchscreen which put you ahead the crowd.

  • YAWNy yorn yaorn

    waste of time and money – seriously, what rocket scientitsts dream this shit up?

  • It's beautiful and reminds me of Star Trek. However, I think only people with money to burn for looks over function will buy it. The rest will go for iPad with the Lemur app.

  • Sammy

    Its a sub $999 product in reality. Rest is money in smithson's pocket for the extravagant marketing shit! a walk through the corridors of Shenzen reveals touch screen stuff starting at $150. 

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  • turntables

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