I think I’m going to have to start teasing random projects I’m doing, like taking a picture of the corner of a dirty dish before I do the dishes, or showing a corner of my shoe before I tie them in the morning. But here’s one more teaser for you, especially since Americans today have the day off.

One reader tips us off to an image inserted in iKaossilator. It sure looks like a new KAOSS product. Aaron lazytrap writes some reasonable speculation:

New KP, red & yellow = Kaossilator+KP in one h/w box? New `tribe (play/stop buttons)? Hrmn.

I’m just hoping KORG will get some MIDI connections and MIDI sync back on their products, cough – we’ll see if this continues the trend of leaving that out.


Ready to just use the gear you’ve already got and quit it with the teasers, already? (Hey, after NAMM week, I get to sit down and make music again myself, hopefully.)

  • kwhore-g

    more excited about monotribes system update!!! the kaossilator for ipad i already have,,,..

  • I will be interesting to see what they come up with, that’s for sure. 

  • master blaster

    hmmmm…. the pause and play buttons are the dj techtools logo

  • KORG Fan

    KORG need to make a super Electribe that has the MX and ESX combined with 8 outputs and analog filters.

    • grindfish

      That would be pant shrinkingly awesome.

    • peter

      probably won't ever happen, but I want to see a modular synth electribe with the same interface… just imagine each knob or toggle button changes the routing of virtual modules within a patch. keep the audio inputs and sampling functions and it gets crazy…

  • grindfish

    Would be very interested in the next evolution of the electribe but im doubting it from this image. Odd that, according to what this image reveals (very little) that the play and pause button are on opposite sides of the unit? Who know, could be a fucking night light for all we know. Enough with the teasing!

  • Ben

    The colour codes come from the kaossilator and the mini-KP; the pause and play buttons are placed in a way that suggests that these two machines were merged into one.
    Yes, a midi sync, a usb port, even (hell) a CV clock trigger should be implemented…

  • can you add your samples to to any of the iPad Korg apps or is it all presets based on the synth engine? would be nice to route audio through these apps.

  • Last year, for those that remember.. the Monotribe's release was teased on the iMS20's screen following an update.. whatever's that worth.

  • Paul

    Looks like a new electribe to me.

  • Brian

    I wish they could just make an affordable Kaoss pad that doesn't choke off  your output volume like the terrible Mini-KP.  Shame on Korg for even releasing it that way.

    • Polite_Society

      I don't get it.. they've only got headphone outputs? just a cheap way of getting stereo in/out on two mini jacks? or is it supposed to be some kind of personal device?

      So confused.