The latest in a long tradition of transforming hand-drawn graphics into music (see, in particular, Iannis Xenakis and UPIC), we see a computer-vision-powered pen-and-paper music generator. Kovacs Balazs writes:

This is a manual sounddrawer. Doesn’t need any sensors, but a camera, paper, colored pens. Doesn’t need sensor glove or reactable as well.

What I love about this, though, is that the resulting sounds are utterly crazy, a big collision of notes and sound.

By the way, UPIC lives on here in a very advanced program descended from the original tool:

From credits: Magyar Eötvös Ösztöndíj Alapítvány, UCSB-MAT, CSALÁD


  • Great result, I like the drums and chime-like sounds.

    Reminds me of Oramics, which I think was the first realisation of this idea although I often wonder how Percy Grainger would’ve used it for composition because he was heading well out there when he discussed developing it.

    There’s a emulation of Oramics available for download and I see someone is putting it onto iPhone too.