Music has always moved forward when people get together to play. Groups of artists in Los Angeles’ Interface LA collective – and other California groups, like LoveTech and – are challenging each other to keep expanding their technique in playing electronics live.

I’m pleased with CDM and some of our friends to support a party Friday night in downtown LA celebrating playing live. Interface LA is a group centered on live electronic music performance and interactions. We’ll be bringing you video coverage after the event here, thanks to talented videographer Charlie Visnic. But we can kick things off now with videos of the artists and work. And if you are in town, be sure to preorder tickets now, as we expect this to sell out really quickly and hope to see you there!

Videos, from top: Mike Slott (Brooklyn), who’s headlining Friday night, in an interview. Second from top, check out the crew in their last event at top, that one centering on the monome grid instrument.

I’m playing, as well (hey, I’ve got to put my money where my very large mouth is). But I’m really thrilled to get to share some time with a bunch of artists I love, many coming from San Francisco’s LoveTech and, and from LA’s own Interface LA regulars. The lineup:

Mike Slott
Vass Glenison
Rich DDT
‘House Band’ (Smacktop Ensemble, featuring the awesome force that is the Smacktop laptop-that-you-hit)
Ro and the Interface LA crew
Presented with Novation and Ableton

Friday, January 21
Doors 9pm
$10 cover

We also have an interactive work entitled (con)textile:

A digital installation using the Kinect, stop-motion and digital noise, and interactive audio” by Jeff Aaron Bryant.  Jeff is a composer working in digital media and kinetics. He is pursuing his MFA in music technology at California Institute of the Arts.


Facebook links:


Lucky Dragons plays Interface LA in the fall.

RO in LA.

November Interface LA, in photos

San Francisco’s LoveTech crew, including their Burning Man trip

SmackTop, in Video

We’ve seen this before, but it’s still good watching someone hit their laptop.

More Events in LA This Week

I have an early flight Saturday morning back to Berlin, but there are two other great events in Los Angeles this week if you happen to live in the area or are in town for a certain massive trade show down south in Anaheim.

TRASH_AUDIO NAMM BBQ 2012 has closed its RSVP, but if you do make it, let us know how it goes or (with, uh, permission) take photos of any cool stuff you find. Really wish the TRASH_AUDIO folks the best and all our modular and sound-making friends and Matrixsynth and company; I’ll be somewhere like 40,000 feet over Ireland while that’s going on.

Also, Droid Behavior is doing a party Friday night that should go late at an undisclosed location, the fifth anniversary of their Wham Bam series. I thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in that in 2010, and might duck in if I can on my way to LAX; the event here is not related, to clear up any potential confusion.

  • jaa

    no sir e is pretty awesome, the rest seem too gimmicky or just straight brainfeeder/daedalus rips..maybe it's just because i'm from the south and i'm bias towards some southern rap/idm fusion..

  • aCes

    Totally agree with jaa.

    No Sir E's sounds/tones were/are so beautiful. The sound of multi layered gauze; soft, warm and deep…….and very melodic. 

    • peterkirn

      Hey, that's cool! It's a different lineup here. I'm happy if I can find just one artist that I really connect with emotionally. That's why we expose ourselves to different stuff.

  • Kechuan

    Very cool. Wish we had something like this in australia….

    • you do! peep galapagoose!

      • Tim

        Cool that similar stuff happens in aus. To bad that Melbourne is a 24 hour drive from Brissy.

  • Bleep

    brainfeeder/daedalus rips..

    Yeah that Alfred Darlington has even copied the look of Daedalus 😉

  • elk

    you guys know its the inception soundtrack do you? nevertheless great remix! I enjoyed the whole video a lot.

  • nickt

    we should be moving to STOP SOPA today!!!

    you all can help:


  • Salim

    I wish we had something like this in Morroco, small underground scene and no event, only people doing music at home(like me :D). Great site by the way, helped me a lot to understand concepts for electronic music and live performance!!

    Cheers from Morroco!!!!

  • Awesome!  Hopefully this will yield some P. Kirn live footage 🙂

  • Brian stevens

    I am hoping for live streaming as you did some weeks ago in Berlin. Such a great way to connect the music to the world.

  • Awesome! wish I could be there!
    I would like to share my project here:
    It's all a live performance!