We’ve seen lots of fancy projection maps, sculptural creations, and elaborate architectural facades.

But sometimes, you just want to get rid of those awful seams when using a couple of projectors. And that can make all the difference.

Enter Blendy. This friendly, simple Mac tool sits between two visual applications and gets rid of those seams. It simply blends two textures together, combining them using the inter-app visual texture tool called Syphon (the one we’ve been raving about so much lately).

Using multiple projectors (two is just the beginning), ideally the same model for matched brightness, you can line up multiple images. These days, you can easily run out of a dual- or triple-head setup off even a single laptop. Set up a source – like Modul8 or ArKaos – and an output, like MadMapper. Blendy does the blending to the texture so the projection image looks continuous.

Blendy is under development, so your mileage may vary, but it’s exquisitely-well documented and, thanks to Syphon, works with loads of Mac visual apps. (DIY tools like Processing and OpenFrameworks now work these days, too, not just VJ apps.)

We’ll be watching. Try it out, let us know how you do, and by all means, document your kick-ass visualist setup with video and photos so you can show it off to the planet.

Superior Brazilian engineering:


Cost, for now, is €33 – with a special Brazilian discount.

  • Ger

    It's worth noting Blendy itself is written in the open source library Cinder.

  • Paul

    Not really comfortable with the pricing on this…let's see, take the free Syphon framework, the free algorithms from Paul Bourke, the free open source Cinder project and release an alpha software for a "special" price of 33 euros? Well, it's a free market, and you can charge what you want. For the more adventuresome you can get Bourke's free Quartz Composer plugin and vade's free syphon Quartz Composer plugins and make a little composition yourself to do similar things. But it won't be turnkey.

    • rsodre

      Hey Paul. I thought a lot about charging for Blendy or not, you can read my reasons on the download page. Anyone can build a blend tool, you're right about that, so if someone don't agree about paying, just do it. If someone don't have time or skills for that, I'm offering a cheap shortcut, Blendy. It is cheap, and the price is special because the final version will cost a little bit more. People make money with free software all the time, without even noticing. Every decent VJ charge for their gigs, and 99% of them use some kind of free software for content making or playback. Should they play for free? What about all the professional VJ apps that also uses the free Syphon framework and probably other free resources? I don't see anybody complaining about them, but I see a lot of flames to independent developers. They probably did their contribution to the Syphon project, as I did mine.

  • peterkirn

    I *am* comfortable with the pricing on this. But with one caveat — what they could do is give some revenues back to the Syphon project, in particular, which could use donations. And actually, if they said that, I'd happily tell more people to go and buy it. Pricing free software *is* okay — provided you create an ecosystem where people benefit. (and it's something you're free to do with free software, as in free as in freedom)

    • forresto

      I have been thinking about a standardized system for deferred tips, which could work with apps with a fixed price as well. The gist is that on the page of the thing to buy or tip, links with some kind of "credit" attribute would automatically defer a percentage of the cost/tip. More words, and interactive model of the idea.

  • danny s

    oof, this was one of the trumpeted features exclusive to resolume Arena (one of the main steps up from avenue)!  beginning to wonder if i was premature in jumping on arena, though the resolume folks really do a good job of providing major improvements in free point updates.  i'm still not sure if i should have chosen arena over mapio and/or madmapper, though in the end no reason they all can't be used.