“Fine” is a delightful, poignant short film by Italian filmmaker (and CDM reader) Virgilio Villoresi. It tells, says its creator, the story of the “birth, life and death of a soldier, represented on a hand (mine).”

No, there’s nothing especially digital about this – but also nothing stopping you from using this kind of minimalism and resourcefulness as materials in a digital work. It has for me a lot of my favorite technical skills in puppetry – shifts in perspective, shifts in scale, emotional beats, timing…

I could say more, but I think it’s possible to say too much about work that’s so clear, so enjoy.

There’s more animation work at his site:

In a similar vein, here he works with forced perspective to make a kind of digital video toy theater, again playing with perspective, perception, and scale. Here’s the making-of video, as well as the clever effects, in a spot inspired by Moleskin.


The new video from studio Neue Big, directed by Virgilio Villoresi is freely inspired by the new Moleskine collections, a full set of tools (http://bit.ly/gD859D) for accompaniying your everyday and extraordinary experiences.

Videomaker’s comment: “The video was filmed with forced perspective and a number of small photographs have been employed to recreate scenes in depth of field. The actor finds himself in a world of photographs, miniature objects and in each scene he picks up an object from the new Moleskine collections (http://bit.ly/gD859D) that is camouflaged in the photographs.

Creative Studio: Neue Big
Project management: Daniela Berto
Written,directed and performed by Virgilio Villoresi
Photography: Corrado Zacchi
Assistent director: Marco Puccini, Carlo Cossignani, Giulia Venturini and Alessandro Mensi (Gelatin man)
Scenography: Vivi Ponti, Virgilio Villoresi
Copy: Cosimo Bizzarri
Music: Giuseppe Facchinetti

Full video:

And more on the hand film:

Anno: 2012
Regia, Mano, Disegni sulla mano: Virgilio Villoresi
D.O.P.: Alan Grillo Spina

Fine is the story of birth, life and death of a soldier, represented on a hand (mine, for instance).
The movie is inspired by the concept of handpainting, very close to the works of italian artist Mariotti and the finger videos movement. Dedicated transitions created with the technique of the shuft pan has been used to create a true cinematografic editing through the hand.
both the initial and final soundtrack, as well as the military salute of the last scene are a hommage to Jiri Trnka’s masterpiece “The Hand”

Fine è la storia della nascita, vita, morte di un soldato italiano rappresentata su un mano (la mia).
Il video è basato sull’idea di hand painting vicina alle opere di Mariotti e dei “Finger Video”. sono state pensate apposite transizioni create con la tecnica dello sfhuft pan in modo da costruire un vero e proprio montaggio cinematografico sulla mano.
La colonna sonora iniziale/finale del video e il “saluto” nell’ultima scena sono omaggi al capolavoro “The Hand” di Jiri trnka.

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