As artists continue to seek out new, richer connections between audio and image, the marriage of Ableton Live and TouchDesigner becomes increasingly popular. Here’s a detailed look at how that connection can work, courtesy a detailed technical video revealing the process for one audiovisual collaboration. Description:

A behind the scenes look at the collaboration between Elburz and nVoid Art-Tech Limited for Elburz’s “Escape” live audio-visual show that premiered at Om Festival 2012. A narrated walkthrough of how Ableton Live 8, Derivative TouchDesigner 077, and Cycling 74’s Max 6, all come together to create a fully interactive live audio-visual show.


nVoid Art-Tech Limited

I’d love to see more documentation, but for now, here’s a (fairly minimalist) trailer:

  • massta

    Nice to see Touch getting used more and more.  This is a great overview.  In the future I’d like to see a visual artist start with Touch and then connect to Ableton, meaning coming from a VJ’s perspective.  This example is more about the audio triggering video clips, which is awesome.  I like how (think it is a DAT table) there are sequences from one scene to the next, meaning specific parameter changes based on what is being played and what is going to be played.  This is where complexity and can really shine while making the performance more variable.

    • Im teaming up with a couple of visual and graphics artists in the next couple months, so I’m very excited about the same thing. Being able to integrate them right from the get go in a blank slate and seeing what they can create live (visually) and how it can affect me (audio) and vice versa.

  • josé barrera

    i want Touch designer on mac, ahhh!

    • I fully switched my system over to Windows because of it. Was worth it (even though I’m still relearning hot keys for everything…)

  • Honored to be featured, Peter!  If anyone has any questions, I’d love to answer and help out in any way with other peoples work! 

  • Matt Leaf

    How did the recent switch in the rMBP effect TD’s performance on OSX? Any luck with that? Because obviously you could run it on Windows in Bootcamp now they’ve made the switch to NVidea… ?

    • I’m sure it’ll be much better than the last generation that had the 330m from a couple years ago, and will be very usable in many situations, but I moved over to Windows regardless for a couple reasons. The first being that it’s a shame that they only put the 650m into the rMBP’s as the new GTX680m which is out now, is night and day difference in power. There is also some talk that the power it takes to push all the pixels of the retina display is taking a toll on framerates. Combine this with the fact that you can no longer strap a secondary render drive inside of the rMBP, and it’s a bit of a deal breaker for me.

  • There’s also a detailed resource for the TouchDesigner Ableton Live Sync Environment on the Derivative wiki

    • That’s what got me going. We’ve added this video as an example at the bottom of that page.