53.0581° N, 9.5275° W from Lightscape on Vimeo.

On a tiny island at the westernmost frontier of Europe, artists used projected light to bring a hand-drawn, geometric canvas to light. In an abstract reinterpretation of the island’s terrain, scrawled just before firing up the projectors, they produced an electrified virtual animated world. It’s a particularly compelling example of mapping, one in which the two-dimensional surface was enough to produce a three-dimensional illusion and immersive sensation.

Mike Murray writes CDM:

A group of people recently created a very beautiful piece of video mapping on a handdrawn canvas for a festival called Drop everything festival on Inis Oirr off the west coast of Ireland.

More specs and details:

The piece itself was mapped to a 5 x 3.5 meter line drawing which Lightscape began drawing on their arrival on the island.
Animation/Mapping : Anthony Murphy & Brian Kenny
Lighting Design/Production: Mick Murray
Audio by Isan, Antony Ryan & Robin Saville
Very special thanks to Scary Mary and the Drop Everything crew, the staff at Aras Eanna, Mick Durkan & Nine Yards, ISAN and everyone who attended.

Full description:

  • eh.. why not project on white wall without the canvas ????? 

    • A few reasons:
      1.The concert goers viewed the canvas on the way into the concert, its a beautiful piece itself the grid drawing, seems really 3d looking. When they left the concert the piece was running and well it blew away the concert audience!2.If you didn’t have the grid there there wouldn’t be the same depth / effect with the piece, i guess u have to see the piece live to see the contrast as parts go dark / are lit up. Its bit like when u see something the eye holds that image for a split second afterwards. The grid in the background is something to key off and makes the whole projection much stronger.
      3. The guys created the digital piece, they also spent 3 days in a bedroom on the island drawing the canvas, its a certain authenticity to their work that they took it from the digital realm to something solid to look at. A piece of digital art is gone once it stops playing …. this canvas is something you can touch its real.
      I’m sure my colleagues in lightscape might have more to add


  • Great work! Nice digital re-imagining of the island.

    • Thanks , just had a look at your website, you have some nice interesting work.

  • Digitalsorcerers

    Any idea what software(s) they used to do this? Did it involve creating a 3D model of the drawing on the canvas?

    • Modul 8 with Madmapper was used for playback / line up.