Pole @ SAT /// MUTEK 2012 – Immersive visual performance by ZEF&SANTO from Santo / Pharaoz /antoine St Maur on Vimeo.

You want to see movies on the big screen. (Ask recent Batman ticket buyers.) You want to hear sound on big, loud, clear PAs. So, if you want one way to make audiovisual performance more satisfying, sorry to point to the projection toys, but make it more immersive. You want it to fill the space.

In short, you want the giant dome at Montreal’s SAT. And that’s what visualists ZEF&SANTO did in a terrific live collaboration with Berlin’s Pole for MUTEK, one of North America’s finest events. Their description, plus links to more information:

This show took place at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] and was presented by the MUTEK International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music on 19/04/2012.
Music by:
Pole (DE, Pole Music/~scape)
Immersive environment by:
Camera by:
Benoit Morier (benoitmorier.bandcamp.com)

  • Visuals are fantastic! Music is meh! Why is that?

    (OK, I’m—no surprise—older than 28 and whenever I hear a steady, predictable pulse, and I’m not in a club trying to get laid, I shut it off, since music can be uhm, . . . a wee bit more. Just weary, that’s all).

    But, yes, fantastic mapping work here on the visuals!

    • Pole’s doing some really nice musical work, and in particular has been putting out some nice mastering efforts; it may not be your cup of tea, but I’m not sure you get anything representative from two minutes of video footage.

      Also, I’m not sure steady, predictable pulses are for people trying to get laid, but, okay.