Resolume 4.1 New Features from Resolume on Vimeo.

Mapping is more than just “that thing you do with a big pile of boxes or the facade of a building as a gimmick.” It’s increasingly expected that you’re ready, as a live visualist, to produce output in shapes other than just the rectangle. It might be “projection mapping,” as in, with a projector, or it might be using other outputs. But just as you’d expect a live visual app to be able to mix or layer, you may soon expect it to be able to easily produce different output shapes, too.

We’ve seen inklings of that in different apps, but Resolume Arena 4.1 goes further. The Resolume crew are proud enough of their progress that they even manage a none-too-subtle dig at the way MadMapper works in their promo video. (See the video at top for everything new in 4.1.)

Unfortunately, with these features in-demand by some highly-paid shows, you do have to pay extra for that functionality – woe to the independent, cash-strapped VJ. Arena costs €699 versus €299 for Avenue. In fact, I think at the moment just one visual software developer includes built-in mapping in the standard version, the whole landscape will change. But the functionality looks well worth it, so maybe even that cash-strapped VJ will pick up the gig to pay for the extra cost.

There’s also some great new stuff in the “vanilla” version of Resolume, Avenue. What’s new:

  • Arena: masking and cropping in the Advanced Output. (The implementation, while close enough to MadMapper that you could almost accuse it of copying, improves on that rival in some key ways; see the video.)
  • Arena: Route layers directly to slices. (Note to all developers: every single app ought to work this way.)
  • Layer Router (all versions): Create a clip that uses input from any layer below. (They suggest “picture in picture” effects, but I can imagine some creative applications for this.)
  • Syphon everywhere! Syphon input and output is now native on the Mac – no plug-ins needed.

Other improvements: 14-bit MIDI (using pitch bend), drag-and-drop effects, the ability to see the amount of time remaining on a clip, improved Blackmagic support and performance, MIDI step mapping improvements, and lots of other little tweaks and fixes.

See the full details:
Resolume 4.1 Released!

  • you’ve obv not tried millumin. it’s still beta and free but it has bezier masks on it’s mapping and timelines! and syphon everywhere… and it’s great.

    • Hey, I’ll try that, too. Time for a Syphon roundup, huh?

    • Mulinum is grate, and it closes thing to resolume out there, also COGE has mapping via Quartz Compser plugins

  • massta

    Sadly, there looks to be no great feature for spherical shapes.  VJs will need to shell out a few more bucks for IR Mapio. 

  • Yes, i understand what you say about the limited capability to map spherical shapes but i think this is the best solution for integrate mapping in a windows environment ’till today, obviously they’re going to add this feature in future.

  • you may even consider going with open-source and cross-platform:
    (now with MIDI support arriving)

  • resolume definitely still is my fave for jamming with video clips, i tend to use it with modul8 syphoned in on a layer… it’s a lot faster using arena than avenue + madmapper, but i can’t afford it right now so will have to stick to two apps/computers

  • DMZ

    can u give me how to make a visual and audio same. i try for BPM but i thing a visual and audio didn’t match. can you help me..