Ments, an audiovisual collaboration between sound creators Echoic Audio and London-based motion artist Jordi Pages, almost needs no introduction. It jacks your brain deep into the oceans of some alien world. There’s no clear narrative, but perhaps this is what Pixar narrative is like if you’re from a different solar system.

Jordi offers up some of the technical details:

The main software used is Cinema 4D R13 with the dynamics simulation and optimize afterwards for time remapping and texturing. Coloring and grading was done in AE and credits and post effects were done with Plexus.

Have a look, and if this inspires questions, Jordi says he’s ready to answer them.

Ments from Jordi Pages on Vimeo.

  • Bob Bell

    Wicked. Makes me think of the part in Prometheus with the two guys checking the worms out. You wanna know what they are and can’t stop watching but there’s every chance they’ll explode and melt your face off. Great work 🙂

    • Jordi Pages

      Hey thanks Bob, quite a few people asked me if I got the inspiration from Prometeus but if fact, prometeus was released the last week I was working on the project…so every thing was already done, but yeah it has this sort of alien feeling