BARABARIBALL TRAILER from noah on Vimeo.

Aesthetics can collide, just like a sprite against a wall – to coin a game phrase. Glitchy digital can live alongside traditional South Asian music. Just watch this oddly-soothing, moving footage of a wonderful-looking side-scrolling game for a window into the creative energy of yet another indie game wonder.

I could say more, but instead I’ll just watch the thing again. (Sorry.)

Thanks, anonymous reader tip!

bbb beta footage
for no quarter 2012
music: Tabla solo by Kanai Dutta

  • Philip Cunningham

    I really have no idea what is going on in this video. 

  • Joe M

    The game is pretty awesome to play. 1 player vs. 1 player or 2 players vs 2 players… and the gameplay feels sort of like aspects of Super Smash Brothers meets aspects of Soccer (or volleyball?). Your side has to score on the other side, but you can fight, and you have a limited amount of double-jumps. It’s really a lot of fun to play, even if you’re the worst player in the room, as I was.