If you’ve ever dreamed of using cameras live, wirelessly, this app’s for you. AirBeam works with any camera-enabled iOS gadget, and streams audiovisual signals wirelessly. Where things get cool: the developers have added Syphon support, meaning you can use your iPhone or other thing as a wireless video source in apps like Modul8, Jitter, Processing, and many more. (Oddly, they’re not doing much of a job advertising that feature on their site. They say something about baby monitors or security cameras or something. It’s almost like they’re not interested in catering to childless, homeless VJs. Go figure.)


  • iPhone, iPod touch, iPad support (camera, mic, whatever’s available on that device)
  • Stream to another iOS device, or the browser, or a Mac
  • Syphon support
  • High-quality video streams: according to the developers, “Video resolution is up to 1280×720 pixel (iPhone 4(s), iPad2 or later) and up to 30 frames per second. Audio streaming with 16bit 44kHz CD quality.”
  • Low-latency encoding and transmission. (curious to measure that)
  • Zero-configuration discovery – and use multiple cameras and switch between streams
  • Motion and audio triggers
  • Browser interface
  • Portrait and landscape modes
  • Universal app

Cost: US$3.99.

As if you have to think about that.


  • I recently wrote an article about how to using AirBeam with CoGe: http://www.cogevj.hu/blog/2012/iphoneipad-as-an-input-in-coge-using-airbeam-and-syphon/

  • This came about after some posts on the VDMX forum. Someone decided to message the developer and he realised how easy it was to add syphon so agreed to add it.
    I think this shows how many different application could end up with syphon support.

    I everyone should go message the favorite app developer and tell them to add Syphon support!!

  • Vicky

    Probably a little late – but does anyone have instructions for Airbeam? I downloaded it to my MacBook Pro but can’t work why it is sometimes recording and sometimes not / how I use it with my iphone … I’d just like some info and Airbeam have nothing on their site and haven’t answered my query. Alternatively, is there something else that does the same thing?