Brilliant in more ways than one, this LED wall is affordable, practical, beautiful, and completely open source, from physical design to software.

Hans Lindauer of Portland, Oregon sends us his project, constructed with collaborator Alex Norman for the band STRFKR, on tour with it now. Check it out in action:

It defies the idea that LED wall tech has to be pricey, the domain only of big, commercial acts and specialized makers. There are a number of clever features engineered into this DIY wall:

  • A design based on an affordable, waterproof strip, readily available from Adafruit
  • Electronics that are contained inside the panel – and beer-proof as a result
  • Roll-out, self-supporting design for easy transport and stage use
    Accepts video signals via a USB video adapter

And that’s to say nothing of the fun and satisfaction of building a creation like this to your exact needs, while understanding how it works.

Hans writes in some detail about how this is put together, and shares all the design files:
LED Video Wall @ Dorkbot PDX

Hardware is in that post; software you’ll find on GitHub via Alex:

For anyone who’s ever toured, watching the teardown video may be more impressive than watching the LED wall functioning:

  • xnor

    Unfortunately that first picture is before I added gamma correction, so you don’t see any difference between the red and pink. There is also a protective coating on the plastic that we took off later.

    The code is still pretty sloppy but I’m planning a clean up this month.

  • MattyKnowsAll

    Eight crew to pack down one low resolution screen hey? Hardly a step forward!

  • Hebert Theodore

    thanks this

  • DJ Suraj

    Can you help me build one?

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