The Vixid flagship hardware in use, as a neglected Edirol V4 looks on. Photo (CC-BY) Jaymis Loveday.

What should a hardware mixer for real creative applications, live performance, and VJing look like? Vixid’s Vincent Julien answers that question in the latest video interview from our friends at He talks mainly about his philosophy and why this hardware went the direction it did. But he also reveals what the next generation might incorporate, including multi-head output for panoramic displays and mapping.

Beyond that, the person who can decide what Vixid’s next hardware should be is you. Today, Vixid announced a call for input on what you want from their next mixer:

This form allows you to tell us what you think the next VIXID video mixer should be. Creator of video solution based in Paris, VIXID is working hard on this new product since a while. This questionnaire gives you the opportunity to tell your needs so that our next generation video mixer meets your expectations.

New VIXID video mixer – Give us your comments

Here’s a look at that interview:

Vincent Julien about the creative audiovisual mixer VIXID from LVX.TV Institute for Live-Video on Vimeo.

  • i hope everyone puts the same answers as me…

  • Tony

    It would be a great mixer if it had VGA or DVI inputs and outputs.
    I dont want to have scan convert my macs to use it

  • SB

    @Leon – I totally did…. Oh wait – you said you were female too?
    After filling it in I started to feel like it would very difficult to create a HD version of their old 4ch mixer. Personally I think it would be better if they designed a VJ focused interface to a Blackmagic 1M/E as they’re so cheap and thanks to their SDK, open.
    Shall be interesting to see where they go….