Triangles is Trippy-Good Experimental Animation – On Paper

TRIā–²NGLE (Full Version) from Grace Nayoon Rhee on Vimeo. It’s not new, but it’s worth taking an occasional break from the Digital Motion for something inspiring that was animated on paper. “Triangles” by South Korean/American artist Grace Nayoon Rhee is chillingly-beautiful, a roughly-drawn trip through surreal worlds. The smudges on the paper can be simultaneously […]

Patch Anything: Audulus Could Be Killer Modular for iPad [Exclusive Video]

Sometimes, it can be quicker and more expressive to simply patch together what you want from basic building blocks, rather than wrangle with something built for a specific purpose. And that explains the ongoing appeal of modular software environments. Audulus is an elegant, efficient modular environment on the Mac. It’s not as deep or broad […]

The Future Score, Dynamic and Networked: OSCNotation on iPhone

In this corner, the computer: dynamic, networked. In this corner, the trained human musician: still, in fact, very much able to read scores. Combining those two technologies – human and machine – has been surprisingly limited. That’s why OSCNotation, while a very simple app, is an intriguing glimpse into the future of the score. Normally, […]

While You Wait For Live 9, Get That Mixer for $9990

So, we can’t talk more about Ableton Live 9 at the moment, and it seems Ableton has worked out how to use their YouTube settings. But at least one intrepid Live fan has shared the identity of the beautiful mixing desk you saw in the leaked Live 9 video from the weekend. This mixer also […]